Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Strongest Faith

What if the strongest faith
Is believing that He loves me,
He is there for me
He provides for me
Even when I don't feel faith at all?

What if the strongest faith
Is one not based in anything
It cannot be seen, touched,
It cannot be reasoned or argued
It simply is,
And is without measure.

What if the strongest faith is based on a Word,
On something unseen, unknown,
Something undreamt except in the secret places,
Those places in the heart that you hardly dare
Allow to see the light of day
Lest those dreams be revealed
And crushed
Before they're even born?

What if the strongest faith is here and now,
Not there and then
Or someday when
What if it is, even at this moment, in my heart
When I feel so utterly weak.
Yes and amen.
My faith is strong
And I am free.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

First Fruits

Isn't dying to live better
Than just dying?
These are the only options, so
Choose wisely.