Friday, December 30, 2016

A Song of Praise for the Promise Received

Somehow it was hidden, veiled then from my sight
I did not know the splendor that was rightfully mine
I thought that I was lonely, deserving just to die
But Yahweh came back for me and offered me His Life

So I died to things of fear, the horror and the lies
I received what Yahweh offered and He opened up my eyes
I see now with a vision that's beyond all space and time
In certainty I walk now as the Truth I recognize

But oh, there was a time when I did not understand
When I was lost and lonely, afraid of my Father's hand
Yet He was ever patient, the most gentle and kind
He was willing to wait for my faith to make Him mine

And when I did believe Him, He rushed in with a force
He took me up to be with Him, altering my life's course
For now I walk the path that He and I always designed
My life and Promised purpose in the dance of the divine

In unity we authored and in unity we walk
Our partnership is Promised and nothing can us stop
Together we're creating with the power of the light
And oh my God is awesome as my faith is now made sight!

What man, what lesser thing could do all that my Father's done
What power or created being could make a dirty slave a son
But oh, my glorious Father did bring everything to light
For He took Himself and brought the day from deepest, darkest night

Praise to the One and Only, praise to the King of kings!
Praise to the sovereign ruler who created everything!
Praise to the holy passion, the fire that burns inside!
Praise to the God in Heaven who does on the Earth reside!

Oh holy King of Righteousness, oh uncreated One!
Oh author of all holiness, the Father of Your sons!
Oh You who have perfected 'ere you even started time!
Oh You who resurrected all that You have made in life!

HalleluYah in every Heaven and in every solid realm
Glory to God in the Highest and peace to all who in Him dwell
Oh, infinite-eternal, You who redeemed all that was lost
The omnipresent power of the omnipotent God!

Ever shall I praise You, ever shall You sovereign reign
Ever shall I worship You; together we shall make
And oh the awesome increase as we grow upon the Earth
Returning all the lost sheep as You give Your Promise birth!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

To Quiet the Soul

My soul agitates within me
The bright lights and distractions of Babylon glitter all around me
The sorrows of the world rage
And people wonder what it's all about

The illusion surges, pounding at the door to my mind
To my heart
Bidding entry once more
And I find that it's hard to deny it entrance
When all around me are illusion's exhibits

Fully in the grip of the illusion's curse
Are the people I love and with whom I must work
Yet I have seen greater, much greater things
My soul agitates, longing to walk in the fullness of Reality

For I know better than to believe illusion
Why must I fight the lies and confusion?
Did I forget that I have all the power
In my little universe, submitted to God?

Did I not remember that Yahshua said "It is finished"
That it was, in fact, finished before time ever began
That the finished work and completion is woven in to every fiber of every being in all of creation
That the center of the Promise is filled with completion

That moment when Yahweh and I spoke the Covenant together
In a chorus, a harmony, a duet of creation
When we decided what my life would be and all that it would take to obtain Reality
That I would have to die for Him
Once He had died for me
And I said "Yes"
He said "Amen"
It was finished, let it be!
The Beginning is the End
Can I not remember this?

Yet, I do.
I see.
I remember.
I have come to the place where the battle is won

So I quiet my soul
With a poem:
A fragment of memory from the Beginning
And the End
And I am at peace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

To My Past Self

Thank you,
For the times when you felt like giving up and dying
When you spent all night alone crying
When you didn't think you could make it
You held on, hoping you'd not be forsaken

You persevered through the trials and pain
Through all of the enemy's lying and ways
When you thought that there would never be better in life
You did not let go or choose then to die

Though you weren't sure of all the reasons for which you were fighting
Though it felt like you fought it all alone in the night
Though you didn't always know how to continue
You never gave up, you had faith to make things new

And now you have come to the Promise of God
The place where you were always meant to belong
You have come to a knowing of just who you are
And who you've always been, in spite of it all
And you see with a vision beyond human eyes
You know greater measure of your glorious life
But only because she was faithful to see
To hold on to the Promise beyond wildest dreams

So thank you for faithfulness, for who you are
If you had given up, you'd be totally lost
But in partnership with Yahweh, you did you create
Only by Word, by Spirit, by faith

I will not be disdainful of the me of the past
For if she was faithless, I wouldn't me have
But somehow she saw what she could not then see
And by her own faithfulness, she did make me.

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Prayer for My Students

Talking with two young girls who remind me of me
Both so beautiful and special, yet neither can really see
Dealing with crises that were never theirs to own
And sometimes I know that they feel so alone

And I wish I could show them who they really are
But that can only be found in the heart of our God
So I demonstrate the love He has stored up for them
And hope they’ll come to realize that it’ll never end

Because they’ve been told all their lives that they don’t matter
Unless they act and respond in a certain manner
And I see the pain that it’s causing their heart
I remember too well what it’s like in the dark

But Yahweh is redemption and He can show them love
They will know completion and that they are just enough
To please Him and bring Him such joy through their lives
So this is my prayer for them: that this Truth they’d realize

Meanwhile I continue to walk on the other side
I show them that it is possible to know this joy in life
For I was once exactly where they are now
But Yahweh came and rescued me and showed me His power

Now I live in freedom and light and the rest
I know it is for everyone if they’ve the faith to manifest
The Word of the Father right there in their lives
So I will intercede that they have open eyes.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

When You Met Me By Moonlight

I was simply walking in the silence of the night
The snow was gently falling all around me
The frozen drops upon the ground sparkled in the light
That in the darkness had finally found me

I was not even looking up, but hurried on my way
To a destination where I was going
You did stop and arrest me in the motions that I made
Drawing me into a place of knowing

Then I stopped and looked up to the sky to see the shining stars
This notion I was not alone did linger
Then You came and whispered there into my very heart
And touched my forehead with your holy finger

You met me in the moonlight and You brought me forth to day
You showed me more than I could see without You
And once I saw Your tapestry, I did begin to weave
That all the visions shown to me would be True

But in the frenzy of creating, sometimes I must be still
Returning to the place where You did meet me
Standing in the silence there of my own special world
Waiting in the moonlight for You to greet me. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Importance of Seeing

Eyes are buckets on a well string
Drawing forth the water of life
As you see the vision clearly
You’ll be able to imbibe

Life’s a river ‘neath the surface
We can sense but not partake
Until we draw forth to fruition
By our holy, righteous faith

So stoke the fire, ready buckets
For the dam’s about to break
It is time to see the fullness
Time to operate in grace

Time to take from below, reaching
To the full manifestation
On the surface to flow freely
A gift of life to all the nations

Life’s a wellspring never drying
Never dark or running out
There’s no end to what we’ll find
When we’ve the faith to draw it out

Then established on the surface,
We’ll find more still to intake
And we’ll share in holy purpose

As with Yahweh we life make. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

After the Answer

And when in Him you choose to be
To live and have your being
You exist, forever free
With all that you are needing

Then He will live inside of you
Heart beating through your heart
As you exist in Spirit-Truth
And receive who you are

And all the world becomes a stage
For you to be expressing
The plans that you together made
As you bring life through dead things

The best adventure ever known
Now living in the Father
As in Him you make your home
Becoming authored authors

Then He can express Himself
Through you are you are living
As in Him you move and dwell
And receive what He is giving

Glory comes as you create
And live inside of Yahweh
Always and ever in your place

Resting in Him Today. 

Answer the Inward Call

The drawing that’s inside your heart
The spark of intense longing
To be just who you really are
In union with the Father

It manifests in different ways
With many different symptoms:
Emptiness, anxiety
The constant search for meaning

Yet the question must be asked
The answer must be honest
For if you want to be, exist
You have to have a Promise

A Covenant made before time
With He who did create
And purpose your life in His mind
So that you could relate

He made His Promise; He’s all in
And now He’s calling to you
For He is all there ever is
And He wants to live through you

So answer now the inward call
That’s coming from the Father
For life in Him cannot be lost

As He is life’s own author. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I'm thankful for creation,
That I can see the threads of space and time
And dance with the divine
Expressing jubilation

I'm thankful for the Father
That He wants to share Himself with me
And causes me to be
His created author

I'm thankful for redemption
The glory that comes when we follow Christ
And truly come to life
For He is Resurrection

I'm thankful for the beauty
Of everything that Yahweh ever made
And shared with me today
His own True Reality

I'm thankful for existing
For there were times when I just didn't know
If I could ever hope
To have the life I'm living.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Visions From Nothing

I am sent from infinite-eternity beyond anything I have seen
Out into time and space
Inside of me, a Word, a Promise made freely and Covenanted with by
A vision to create

I've been empowered to make and shape reality, bending light all
around me 
A lord of space and time
And I can cause a hundred-thousand natural laws to submit to the
Truth that does
Exist in the divine

And oh that power should be enough to right the wrongs, create my
visions from the dust
From ashes bring the beauty
But then sometimes I forget my place divine, take upon myself space
and time
Forgetting reality

So I must stand upon the Word I know is real and burn with an u
common zeal
The fire of creation
That I can shine and command all of space and time to glorify Yahweh
Bring light to all the nations

For I am graced beyond the laws of time and space and what the
natural does dictate 
In Oneness with my Father
I won't forget that all I am is what He is and in Him alone can I live
For there isn't any other

So I create reality in time and space, expand the borders of Yahweh
In infinite increasing
For He did say that there's no end to His true day and He invites us to
So come enjoy the feasting.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Star

Once there was a star that dwelled in the heavens. The skies were her glory and her realm in which to reign. She shone brightly, illuminating the darkness and providing light and life to all in her proximity.

She was beautiful and she was radiant. The other stars, brilliant in their own ways, admired her greatly for her own unique and wondrous beauty. She, in turn, admired the other stars. None was jealous of another, and all lived together in harmony and splendor. Their lights shone greatly about them and they were blessings to all.

One day, the star was sent to Earth and into the world. She forgot her time in the heavens and she forgot her light. She looked at the other beings in the Earth and they seemed to her to be much more beautiful than she was. She looked at herself and she did not like what she saw.

At first, she tried to improve herself. She did more of this and did less of that. She bounced frequently from one attempt at self-help to another, but nothing improved her self-image. The problem was, though she did not know it, that she missed the light that she had had as a star, and nothing else would satisfy that longing to shine once again.

Yet, she could not make herself shine by her own words or deeds, and to her others still seemed more radiant, more beautiful. The more she tried to improve herself, the more she felt unworthy and dark. She grew tired of hating herself and she began to feel anger at those around her who seemed so much better than her.

How dare they make her feel ugly and worthless? How dare they put her down and oppress her so? Never mind that they had no thought of doing that. They, too, were stars who were simply trying to find again the light that they had lost.

Yet, in their pain and darkness, they lashed out at those around them, blaming them for things that were not capable of being responsible for. Each star sought to find his or her own light by banding together with those with whom they thought they shared similar characteristics. They would come together based on what they liked to do, how they looked, or where they came from.
They formed groups based on these characteristics, but they still did not find their lights. These groups started hating other groups, blaming them for their problems, for the emptiness they felt inside where the light should have been.

When she joined one of the groups, she felt happy for a time. Finally there were people here who understood her and helped her feel like she mattered and like she was doing what she was supposed to do. Yet, this happiness did not last. Soon, she was back to feeling low and worthless.

She discussed this with the other members of her group, and they commiserated and bolstered her for a time, but it did not last. She sought peace in another way. Other members of her group told her that she felt this way because of another group that did not understand, accept, or tolerate them.

“Yeah!” she growled. “How dare they!”

“Let’s riot! Let’s protest! Let’s rage!”

“We have to change them! We must convince them that they’re wrong about us! We are awesome! They are hatemongering  --–ists!”

So she followed them out into the places in the world and she expressed her anger in ways she had not before thought possible. She broke and smashed and tore and destroyed until that which was outside mirrored the turmoil in her own heart.

And as she looked around at what she had wrought, she saw that the darkness within had made its way out, and she was still not appeased, still not impressed with who she was. If anything, she was less happy than before, and she despaired at ever finding the peace and joy that she sought.
She left the group and went off alone, walking by herself and looking up at the sky. Gazing at the stars, she longed to go to them and escape the world that she lived in and all that she had become.

Gently, gently, one whispered to her heart. Its light shone brightly and she was blessed by it. As the light filled the emptiness inside of her, she remembered who she was and what she was called to.

Every bit of pain, darkness, and self-loathing disappeared until at last she again shone as the beautiful and radiant star that she had always been. As she returned to the others and looked at the darkness around her, she knew she had to share what she had found with them and she wondered how to do it.

She walked past the group she had once been a part of and the other groups that had formed against them. They were broken and they were breaking things, and she knew that to confront them would only cause more destruction. So she shone and she shines still, hoping that the light that she emits will stoke the light in others, reminding them that they, too were once stars in the heavens illuminating the darkness in radiance and splendor and that they have no need of fear or hatred because one star’s light can never diminish that of another.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What is Seen

Oh Yahweh, when people look at me
You’re the only thing I want them to see
And though I’m not “perfect,” Your Power to redeem
Ensures the completion of what You have dreamed

Oh Yahweh, when I look at the world
I only want to see your glory unfurled
And every time I open my eyes
All I want to see is the power of Christ

I know it’s establishing Your True creation
But sometimes I long so for manifestation
And all that we’ve longed for and call now to be
Is all now and only what I want to see

Because in Reality You’re all that is
Without you nothing can really exist
And I’m tired of fighting the lies that are not
I want to see only Your Truth and Your Love

Whatever the choices that others do make
I want to see your glory awake
And whatever the lies that the enemy speaks
I want only to hear Your Word and Your Spirit

For I know it’s possible to undo the fall
You’ve come back and redeemed it all
I live in Heaven while here on the Earth
So I should be able to see past the curse

So dear Father, help me to see and be seen
Only as You for You’re everything
And there’s more and there’s more beyond wildest dreams

When a pure heart of faith comes and rests at Your feet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

As I watch society's values slowly move away from mine
I must ask, where is my hope aligned
What is hidden is now being made sight
But greater visions must still come to light

Do I trust in chariots and in swords 
Or do I have faith in Yahweh's True Word
Do I trust in a system always destined to fail
Or do I know Yahweh's vision will always prevail

Yahweh's Truth can't be altered, it cannot be touched 
Only His will won't falter and shall be enough
So in faith I will press on no matter what comes
Because I live in a Kingdom that's already won

There's more freedom in Christ than in any one nation
And it cannot end due to any election
So no matter what happens at the end of the day
I will rest in the peace and the will of Yahweh. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lost and Found

Seek and you shall find Me
For I never can be lost
But when you have the eyes to see
I am hidden in the dust

From the ashes and the ruins
I shall rise and take My place
You shall see and not be desolate
For you’ve chosen to embrace

My Word and oh My Spirit
My Truth that shall remain
Listen and you’ll fully hear it
And you’ll see me once again

Fear not the creeping shadows
Do not worry about the lies
Heed not the enemy’s bellows
Hear My whisper ‘neath the cries

Oh creation may be groaning
But time will surely tell
Of My victory that’s coming
And in the end, all will be well

Seek the journey of the Maker
See and find your Father’s heart
Know that I am here to take you
On the pathway through the dark

But the light not be hidden
Everything shall be revealed
For I am the resurrection
Truth’s unwavering, righteous zeal

Seek and know that I am with you
See and know I am at rest
In the peace you now shall find me
For I’ve made you to be blessed

Hear My Words and heed My heart’s cry
Do not give in to the doubts
All I have, I’m King of all Life
And I always shall be found.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Psalm from January 1, 2012

Hear, oh land! Yahweh our God,
Yahweh is One!

Is anything too big for Yahweh?
Any task too overwhelming?
He holds the universe in the palms of His hands.
Existence is as a kernel of corn
Compared to His Greatness and Splendor
Can anything prevail against Him?
Shall anything stand at His Presence
Lest He give them leave?
Even the winds and the waves,
The very tides, obey Him.
The world moves at the Word
of His Power.
His voice can put a thousand angels to flight
And ten thousand to rest.
His Word never faints nor fails.
He shall go out and search the Earth
For a remnant and never return void,
Finding a people by whom He can swear
That Heaven and Earth be one.
Can He not do it? Have you not seen?
Have you not heard? Who could stand
against Him? For He is.
For I AM.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Joy of Purpose

Oh pleasure and excitement
In becoming who I am
In fulfilling all my purpose
Living in my Promised Land

In showing to creation
Our Father’s fullest heart
In taking up my pen to write,
His glory to impart

The beauty of becoming
Who I was made to be
And operating in the Christ
Who dwells right now in me

There’s glory and there’s blessing
In my place in Yahweh’s Christ
He’s worth of the calling
For Him I’ll pay the price

Leaving all in this world
To receive Yahshua’s Christ
To be all that I’m called to be

Is to truly be alive.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


A New Beginning has been offered
And we have a choice to make
It’s the Promise of the Father
And it’s newly made each day

Will we join ourselves in Covenant
Or will we it reject
Will we value all that He does give
Or will we enter debt

Will we take up all our grave clothes
Or will we cast them off
For He offered resurrection
When He died upon the cross

The Way has now been opened
The Way out of the grave
So will we languish in the ground
Or let Him our Promise save

There is joy and there is a Promise
That does remain for us
There’s a life that is much greater
Than anything we’d lost

Though not easy, Resurrection,
It’s the only way to live
For there’s no life in dead things
But even the dead can live again

So He’s showing you His dry bones,
“Son of man, can these things live?”
And it’s up to you to answer
If you want to live again

Take the Way that has been opened
He’s the only Truth and Life
For by faith, oh man, you can receive
Again in you your Christ.