Sunday, September 27, 2015


Lights shine from the windows of an empty house
And this is more than I had before
But there is more that I'm waiting for
A home Yahweh has for me in store. 

Home is where a Father is
Protecting and loving all His kids
Reigning over those who're His
Keeping safe and inviting in

Home is where the Father loves
Where He says, "You are enough."
Where you are secure in enormous hugs
Sheltered and covered around and above.

Something I've never had before
And oh how my heart has longed for more
Yet when I enter my front door
A dog awaits and nothing more.

Where is my Father, my home to be?
Where can I rest and learn to see?
Where can I feel safe, secure, and free?
Why is no home reserved for me?

But Yahweh has greater than I've ever known
He waited to give me a home that's His own
More glorious than houses or palatial thrones
Yahweh made me His son and through me He shone.

For what I don't have is nothing I have lost
For Yahweh sat down and He counted the cost
Gave His own Son so that I could be bought
Securing my place in the lineage He wrought.

For I have a Father and this is my home
Secure in His arms, a son all His own
And when I feel lonely, I just have to know
My Father is love and I'm never alone. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

How Beautiful is the Process...

Growing up brings growing pains
Yet within the process, lies the miraculous

Only through maturity can a seed become
A flower,
Can a flower go to seed again
And populate a whole field

Only through maturity can
A self-centered, uninspired youth
Become a responsible adult who
Can take care, not only of himself,
But can change the next generation

Only through maturity can
You and I go from worrying only about ourselves,
Striving only to be accepted
To taking the power of Yahweh inside of us
And becoming a part of the ultimate redemption
Which Yahshua initiated, which Yahshua completed
Which Yahshua held out to us and said,
"Would you like to create with me?"

Only through maturity can the fall become redemption,
Can that which was broken be made whole again
The person grows, the mind expands,
And what is gives way to what was,
What was always meant to be
From the Beginning

Only through maturity can we come full circle,
Making our way through sometimes difficult processes
To see what Yahweh had in His heart and His mind
When He first opened His mouth and uttered a Word
Which, when spoken, gave substance to life,
Which, when mixed with faith, allowed us to see
What truly has been there all along.

A miracle, maturity, that can take the old and make it new,
Can take the closed and open it again
Can take what seems to be impossible and say,
"Not only is it possible, it's already done."

Only through maturity, through growing up and growing pains
Can we see the redemption that Yahweh, that Yahshua,
That Holy Spirit has already done,
For we grow enough to gain perspective,
And perhaps it is the weight of the responsibility that we so often dread
That is the very thing that gives us substance, gravitas,
The very thing that makes our words audible in a vast and infinite universe
The expansion of space and time.

Only through maturity can we become who we were always made to be,
Can we see who we already are. Whole.
And perhaps growing up is only opening our eyes
To see what was spoken
In the beginning, before there was time.

Perhaps growing up, maturity, is not a goal to reach,
Perhaps there is no age, no cut-off date at which
I can say, "I'm grown now, I'm done"
Perhaps, instead, maturity is a process
Redemption is a process
A beautiful, messy process
That takes us back to where we started
Whole and complete in the Garden of Eden
Walking with our Father in the cool of the day.

Oh how miraculous is maturity
Is growing up and growing pains
How beautiful is the process
That takes me back to You.