Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I See You

To the children who come to school everyday
Without proper clothing for the weather,
With no food in your bellies,
And when nobody at home has told you, “I love you”
Or let you know you’re worthy of their time and attention,
I see you

To the children who come to school
With bruises that you cleverly hide from me,
And emotional scars that run so deep,
You sometimes wonder if your momma is right
That you’re not worth the time and money they spend on you,
Or you brother is correct that the only way to survive is to join a gang,
Or your sister has a good idea when she says that the only way to feel complete
Is to find a boy to love you, though he uses you and hurts you,
And your father isn’t even there to tell you
That none of this is true,
I still see you

To the parents who abuse these children,
Telling them with words and deeds
That they don’t matter,
That they can never be enough for you,
And that life can never be any better for them
Than the horror that it is right now,
I see you, too,
Because once you were that child in someone else’s classroom
Believing the lies that you do not matter
And wondering if life could ever get better

To the people who walk in darkness
And have forgotten that you are a great light,
The brightest light,
The most wondrous light,
The light of life and love in the world,
I can still see you!
Your light shines so brightly here
And the only tragedy is
That you don’t see this yourself right now,
That somehow you have forgotten how to see
I so want to remind you how to see…

And to the Bright Child,
The one who sat in my classroom all those years ago
And wrote me sweet poems,
Laughing and smiling and joking every day,
The happiest and sweetest student in my classroom,
Though you’d already endured so many setbacks and horrors in your life,
Who grew to think that only darkness could ever be yours,
And who has now endured so many more tragedies
That some might say you no longer have a chance,
That light and laughter is still in there,
The heart of beauty and purity,
And though the path you’ve walked has not been easy
And you’ve not always made it easy on yourself,
You are still wonderful,
Still beautiful,
Still glorious
I see you!
And one day I know

You will see yourself again. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Naturally the Garden Grows

The seeds are planted in the ground,
The rivers there to water,
The frequency of Heartbeat’s sound
Now gives birth to the Promise

And what now have I here to do
To aid in this expression,
But with that Heartbeat resonate,
A pure amplification

Naturally the Garden grows
Without my striving or my toil
My choices come from Nature alone
And I don’t have to till the soil

And as I move about my day,
Just by being who I am,
The Garden with me resonates
And this is how We steward land

As with My Father I do walk,
Sharing now Our One Heartbeat,
And by this to Our Garden talk
So Promises can now be seen

Oh, Naturally the Garden grows,
From Our Nature, by Our Being,
And there is nothing else to know,

For all We are is everything. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Faith to Receive

I love how everything Yahweh gives me
Is nothing like what I thought it would look like
When He first told me I would receive it,
And how I look at it when I first see it before me
And wonder what’s going on
And how this can be
And why it looks this way
When I was just so sure it was going to look a different way
And though at first I don’t recognize that this way is definitely better,
This way is definitely better,
Because now I can actually give Him something by receiving His Gift,
I can accept what He gives me in pure adoration,
Knowing that it is beautiful and glorious
Because He is beautiful and glorious
And He loves me,
And though what He has given me is not what I thought it would be,
I can trust that it is, indeed, better
Because I know Him,
I know His Nature,
And in My Nature, I will Love Him, too
And I love how Our Relationship grows
When He gives me something that

I do not understand. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

What It's Like

How can I describe what it’s like
To have ascended beyond anything previously known?
Is it like what the astronauts felt
When they floated into space for the first time
And saw the Earth below them,
This giant blue marble
On which they’d lived their whole lives,
But which they could no longer see in the same way,
View expanded so that
Now they finally understood how their little blue marble
Fit into the grand scheme of the solar system?

Is it like what Einstein felt
When he saw the space-time continuum for the first time,
Realizing that his previous views of space and time,
In which he’d lived his whole life,
Was but a single perspective of a multi-dimensional
Kaleidoscope of a world,
One which to which he could never return
Now that he could see
How space and time fit together
Into the grand scheme of existence?

Is it like what Peter felt,
When asked, “Who do you say that I AM?”
And that bursting of knowledge inside of his heart
Answered even before he knew what was coming out of his lips,
“You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God,”
And even though He didn’t look like
The Messiah that Peter had been waiting for,
About whom he had been told his whole life,
He didn’t want to return to that perspective,
Now that he could see,
Could sense something greater,
For it was revealed to him by His Father in Heaven,
This grand scheme of existence,
The Greatest Love Story ever told?

Is it like what Moses felt when he saw the burning bush,
And was told that he—yes he—would lead the entire nation of Israel
Out of captivity?
Or when Abraham met Melchizedek
After fighting in a battle,
And, spirit leaping inside of him,
He chose to bow before this King
And offer Him a tithe?

Is this how Gideon felt in a winepress,
When told he was a mighty man,
Even though he probably thought
He’d never been mighty in his life?
Is this how Elijah felt
When he first saw the whirlwind
And knew that he would ascend
On the chariot of fire?

How many others have been here,
And how could they describe their feelings,
What it’s like to ascend to a place
That they know is beyond any human experience,
Beyond everything they’d ever thought possible,
And even beyond words

Is this what it’s like?

How can I say?