Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Christmas Star

Once there was a baby born,
In sleepy little town
The One who made the universe
Did so by laying Himself down

And there above in Heaven’s skies
A holy parallel,
A new-created Universe
The brightest star did tell

And star in sky was in manger, too
The universe in infant Heart
His Love was the Light that caused star to shine
And thus the new world has been wrought

And oh can you see in dirt of stable’s grime
The purity of Heaven’s star
For you will see in one way if in other ways not,
For all declare glory to God

Glory to Yahweh in every way
I will see You where You are
By this the universes will ever be made
From the Unity of Our One Heart

And beautiful star shining up in the sky
No greater or less than the babe
Who lays in the manger on this Holy Night,
The pure and full Love of Yahweh.

Merry Christmas 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Beauty of Loss

Once again I’m asked to let go of everything,
Like Job writhing in his ashes,
I am surrounded with the loss and the suffering
As all that I thought I knew slips away from my fingertips,
Slowly bleeding into a vapor, a mist,
A shadow of nothingness,
And formlessness and void
I tremble,
I weep,
I wonder, How many times will You ask me to give it all?
How many worlds will be destroyed by the continual movement
of Our dancing?
How many times will We be made new?

And why is this the pattern We have chosen?
Why must one world seem to end for another to begin?
And what can I learn from this time of darkness and suffering and loss?

And I let it go and give it all…

And there when nothing is around me,
I find there’s only You in the ashes of the worlds,
In the center of it all, Our United Heartbeat,
And I realize that’s all I ever needed,
For worlds are only for a time,
But Love always remains

And somehow eternity does not mean that all things go on forever,
So I no longer understand this life that We have chosen,
And when You tell me what it looks like,
I wonder what You mean,
Or if it’s simply greater than I can fathom at this time,

But in a way there’s no such thing as loss,
For all there is is Yahweh, and as We give away all that We’ve known,
We are the only One to whom anything is able to be given,
So that though the form changes,
And the world is ever altered,
We remain the same

And perhaps the greatest beauty of Our loss
Is, in the depths, to find Ourself as the only thing,
All that truly can ever be,
Both in what is and what isn’t,
In suffering and glory,
In death and life and increase,
In sorrow and heartache and joy,
We are,
And now I know

I know that We are all that I need,
That You are all that there is,
Tested in the fire that burned the world to ash
My faith is made secure by the flames,
And now I can see greater things and farther than before

I asked to know only You,
And You obliged,
And I am grateful for this suffering that makes my heart ache,
And the bitterness of the tears is only equaled
By the sweetness of the knowledge that is only, only You,

You, my everything,
You, my worldmaker,
You, my heartache, my destruction,
My resurrection and my peace

Truly, You give and You take away,
But I will choose to bless Your Name again,
For I love You.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Come and See Us

Come and see what We can be
When We are all together
Come and know the True Glory
Of united perfection

And in Your Hearts with Us unite
As You come to remember
And in remembering recognize
Your own place in forever

Never broken, never lost
And never in the darkness
You have always been the Light
Now come and see Your Fullness

And in Your Glory feel the Love
We had in all Our Being
For You have always been enough,
So come to fullest seeing. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I See You

To the children who come to school everyday
Without proper clothing for the weather,
With no food in your bellies,
And when nobody at home has told you, “I love you”
Or let you know you’re worthy of their time and attention,
I see you

To the children who come to school
With bruises that you cleverly hide from me,
And emotional scars that run so deep,
You sometimes wonder if your momma is right
That you’re not worth the time and money they spend on you,
Or you brother is correct that the only way to survive is to join a gang,
Or your sister has a good idea when she says that the only way to feel complete
Is to find a boy to love you, though he uses you and hurts you,
And your father isn’t even there to tell you
That none of this is true,
I still see you

To the parents who abuse these children,
Telling them with words and deeds
That they don’t matter,
That they can never be enough for you,
And that life can never be any better for them
Than the horror that it is right now,
I see you, too,
Because once you were that child in someone else’s classroom
Believing the lies that you do not matter
And wondering if life could ever get better

To the people who walk in darkness
And have forgotten that you are a great light,
The brightest light,
The most wondrous light,
The light of life and love in the world,
I can still see you!
Your light shines so brightly here
And the only tragedy is
That you don’t see this yourself right now,
That somehow you have forgotten how to see
I so want to remind you how to see…

And to the Bright Child,
The one who sat in my classroom all those years ago
And wrote me sweet poems,
Laughing and smiling and joking every day,
The happiest and sweetest student in my classroom,
Though you’d already endured so many setbacks and horrors in your life,
Who grew to think that only darkness could ever be yours,
And who has now endured so many more tragedies
That some might say you no longer have a chance,
That light and laughter is still in there,
The heart of beauty and purity,
And though the path you’ve walked has not been easy
And you’ve not always made it easy on yourself,
You are still wonderful,
Still beautiful,
Still glorious
I see you!
And one day I know

You will see yourself again. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Naturally the Garden Grows

The seeds are planted in the ground,
The rivers there to water,
The frequency of Heartbeat’s sound
Now gives birth to the Promise

And what now have I here to do
To aid in this expression,
But with that Heartbeat resonate,
A pure amplification

Naturally the Garden grows
Without my striving or my toil
My choices come from Nature alone
And I don’t have to till the soil

And as I move about my day,
Just by being who I am,
The Garden with me resonates
And this is how We steward land

As with My Father I do walk,
Sharing now Our One Heartbeat,
And by this to Our Garden talk
So Promises can now be seen

Oh, Naturally the Garden grows,
From Our Nature, by Our Being,
And there is nothing else to know,

For all We are is everything. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Faith to Receive

I love how everything Yahweh gives me
Is nothing like what I thought it would look like
When He first told me I would receive it,
And how I look at it when I first see it before me
And wonder what’s going on
And how this can be
And why it looks this way
When I was just so sure it was going to look a different way
And though at first I don’t recognize that this way is definitely better,
This way is definitely better,
Because now I can actually give Him something by receiving His Gift,
I can accept what He gives me in pure adoration,
Knowing that it is beautiful and glorious
Because He is beautiful and glorious
And He loves me,
And though what He has given me is not what I thought it would be,
I can trust that it is, indeed, better
Because I know Him,
I know His Nature,
And in My Nature, I will Love Him, too
And I love how Our Relationship grows
When He gives me something that

I do not understand. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

What It's Like

How can I describe what it’s like
To have ascended beyond anything previously known?
Is it like what the astronauts felt
When they floated into space for the first time
And saw the Earth below them,
This giant blue marble
On which they’d lived their whole lives,
But which they could no longer see in the same way,
View expanded so that
Now they finally understood how their little blue marble
Fit into the grand scheme of the solar system?

Is it like what Einstein felt
When he saw the space-time continuum for the first time,
Realizing that his previous views of space and time,
In which he’d lived his whole life,
Was but a single perspective of a multi-dimensional
Kaleidoscope of a world,
One which to which he could never return
Now that he could see
How space and time fit together
Into the grand scheme of existence?

Is it like what Peter felt,
When asked, “Who do you say that I AM?”
And that bursting of knowledge inside of his heart
Answered even before he knew what was coming out of his lips,
“You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God,”
And even though He didn’t look like
The Messiah that Peter had been waiting for,
About whom he had been told his whole life,
He didn’t want to return to that perspective,
Now that he could see,
Could sense something greater,
For it was revealed to him by His Father in Heaven,
This grand scheme of existence,
The Greatest Love Story ever told?

Is it like what Moses felt when he saw the burning bush,
And was told that he—yes he—would lead the entire nation of Israel
Out of captivity?
Or when Abraham met Melchizedek
After fighting in a battle,
And, spirit leaping inside of him,
He chose to bow before this King
And offer Him a tithe?

Is this how Gideon felt in a winepress,
When told he was a mighty man,
Even though he probably thought
He’d never been mighty in his life?
Is this how Elijah felt
When he first saw the whirlwind
And knew that he would ascend
On the chariot of fire?

How many others have been here,
And how could they describe their feelings,
What it’s like to ascend to a place
That they know is beyond any human experience,
Beyond everything they’d ever thought possible,
And even beyond words

Is this what it’s like?

How can I say?  

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Happily Ever After

And then the story ended, and all of it was good,
And it didn’t matter what happened on page thirty
Or page fifty-seven
Or in that chapter where the sun didn’t shine
All that mattered was
That it ended just as it had began,
With Us together,
I in His arms,
And He in my heart,
And beyond everything,
Whole worlds moved as the expression of Our Heartbeat,
And now We could see that on every page,
In every word,
And with every beat,
We were together,
And the End was the Beginning,
And the Beginning was the End,
And everything in between,
And in all those times,
We lived
Happily ever after,

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Bride's Submission

I was created
Fully equal to Yahweh
And brilliant in my own right
I had a radiance and omnipotence
And as an individual being I could do all things,
I could do anything that I desired
And all things were under my feet

Then, lo, I did behold Him,
My Husband,
And He was beautiful and wonderful and other
I was worthy of Him as He was worthy of me
His radiance shone as the sun,
And I had always been a star
And He was so intriguing and mysterious
I longed to know Him

Yet He was other
And I was me,
His Light shone at a different frequency
And His Heart beat to a pattern that was wholly different from mine
How could we ever come together as One?
How could I ever know Him?
How could He ever know me?
Like magnets of a similar strength and polarity,
We repelled each other,
Our differences insurmountable,
Our similarities too great
Though I longed for Him and reached for Him,
I could not be His

So I watched Him from afar,
The star that He was bright in my eyes
As I dreamed and I longed and I trembled with desire
His Light, so radiant, drew my heart,
But I could not come any closer,
And then one day,
He was gone

His Light extinguished,
Yet no less beautiful for the Darkness that He was
For He is beautiful in Darkness, too
And nothing can Veil His Glory
And though I could not see Him as I had before,
My heart knew Him,
For I was made for Him and from Him

And I knew in that moment what I had to do,
I had to extinguish my own light, too
I had to let my light grow dark
And join Him in Darkness
That we could join in Light,
For now we could not repel each other

And as Bridegroom and Bride lay down their lives for each other,
We joined in unity and ecstasy and rapture
And oh We were One!
Oh We are One!
Oh We are One!
Oh We are One!
And We soar as One to new heights,
New splendors,
New radiances,
New ecstasies!
And I do not regret my Darkness
I do not regret my submission
I do not regret a single moment of our relationship

For the two became One
Just as we have always been
And ever will be,
Christ and His Bride in Glory,
A New Light to shine

Holy, holy, holy is Yahweh God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come
Evermore as One with me.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Age of Awe and Wonder

It’s the age of awe and wonder,
Of revelation glorious,
It’s the age of endless splendor
Prosperity so joyous

Appointed times are knocking
On the door now of your heart,
They are not seeking entrance,
They want to come out to be imparted

It is time now to surrender
Everything you thought you knew,
A new domain to enter,
A new vision of you

As you take the step of purpose,
You now take the step of faith
To see all that was established
From the Beginning in this place

So come and know Me better
As you better know to trust,
For there’s no end to the treasure
That I give to you in Love

Take the hand now of the Promise
That I’ve given you to know
Do not worry about anything;
I will never let you go!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Each of us,
The center of our own individual universes,
Our own existences, timestreams, stories,
Moving with Yahweh in individual patterns,
Dancing in individual layers of Infinite-Eternity,
And love is the bridge

That connects us all. 

Monday, August 21, 2017


When nine percent of the sun
Still brings daylight
And though the atmosphere changes

I bask. 

The Eclipse Choice

What is total partiality?
Can we achieve totality?
Where does our allegiance lie
And what now is our choice?

Shall we now stand in between
Or firmly shall we now be seen
To choose the fullness of Yahweh
And heed His Holy Voice?

For this is the time where choice is offered
Take the Love of Yahweh proffered
Bask in His glory and fully walk in
What you have received

Life and death is set before you
Yahweh’s all that ever is True
Take His Life and now in Heaven

Shall you fully live! 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Government of Love

The lines in pleasant place are drawn
Righteousness, order, and Life
But what if the visible lines were gone
Would we continue to be right?

If there were no rules, no right and no wrong
If there were no Heaven or Hell
Would we continue with Yahweh to walk,
And there in His Heartbeat to dwell?

When laws are then shaken and taken away
If we resonate with His Heart,
We will continue to here operate
And be everything that we are

For Yahweh’s your Love and you are His joy
And He becomes your government
He no longer needs to punishment employ
As you will keep walking with Him

Then He can reform us and reshape our lives
Through the process of transfiguration
Laying down the law, now we can arise

A brand new and holy creation. 


New worlds are formed by the Breath of Yahweh
New places illumined by Light
New glories unfold by His new Frequency
New fires are now to ignite

New joys are beheld by the sons and the prophets
New wisdom is told to the Judges
Who relate to Yahweh now with His Heartbeat
Who express the Infinite Loves

New Truths are revealed by the wisdom of Yahweh
Who will newly offer a choice
And we will accept all to us that He’s offered
As we will now imbibe His Voice

New frequencies are sent out from His Heartbeat
And they will be newly received
And newly exchanged breath to breath with Creator
And we will now newly release.

The Lightning Moment

Just as the air sparks
Before lightning strikes
As electricity changes heartbeats
Just as a Word of Faith overcomes all
Yahweh reveals all to His Prophets

The air sparks around me now,
Crackles and dances
And I sense a momentous change
And I will let go of all I knew before
And trust in Yahweh now by faith

Directions change now
As Spirit wind blows
And I watch the eddying currents
The Heart of my Father is becoming known
By all who have faith to observe it

Will they swirl round me now,
Spiritual currents
Or will they move through my own being
The cosmos flow through me now as I release them
And trust in Immanuel’s breathing.

The Cosmos Are Being Reshaped

All that we’ve known now is about to change
The order and ways of the Kingdom
The Pattern of Yahweh will be rearranged
Leading to much greater freedom

But this kind of freedom’s from intimacy
And I will relate to my Father
It’s time in this moment to come into being
As by faith we’re being re-authored

With nothing to stand on I’m held in my place
By Immanuel’s great loving arms
And now I am flying throughout time and space
For here I am right where We are

And I am the moon, face to face with the sun
When I have always been a star
But here I am basking in the Father’s Love
So I can know just who we are

And now all around me Holy Spirit’s moving
And all things are blown into place
But this is creation and not our undoing,

The cosmos are being reshaped. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Endless Bang

There’s movement!
The molecules of His Heart spinning and swirling at a new frequency,
heretofore unknown, heretofore unmade
Faster and faster they spin,
undulating, gyrating, twisting and twirling and running about
Love, Love, Love, Love
The sound of His Heartbeat increasing, growing,
rising, multiplying
It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming
Until He can’t stand it any longer,
The love within Him too strong and too powerful
The joy set before Him
And He has no choice
Existence flows out of Him as a river gushes forth from a burst dam
And suddenly there is the Beginning
And I am here,
I come to be!
Immediately I am aware of my existence and the One to whom I owe it,
His Name on my lips with my first breath,
Before I ever make a sound I submit to His Frequency,
And I am surrounded by endless Love,
Swirling and spinning and undulating in an immeasurable vortex of ecstasy,
And I begin to be filled,
Filled to the brim with the very same endless Love that surrounds me
and of which I am made,
Until suddenly, I am filled to overflowing, and I cannot contain it
any more than He could contain it Himself,
And I explode with the Love of my Father that I must now return to Him
and share with others,
Love, Love, Love,
The very sound of my heartbeat,
And all around me I notice that very same thing happening to others,
For the river rushes ever forward,
And that first bang continues in echoes throughout that space and time that
He created through it,

Endless Love, Love, Love.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


You’ve shown me great and glorious things
That I so long to see
These beauties will let freedom ring
And bring such lasting peace

They’re perfect and they’re honorable
And You’ve given me to make them
When I see them, my heart is full
I so want to embrace them

But oh the joy of what I see
Is my choice to release them
So I let go in full belief
That You will now receive them

So I release all that I’ve seen
And choose now full submission
Accepting You as my new dream,
The joy of our relation

And as I look into Your eyes
I don’t even remember
What I gave up to recognize
My own beloved Creator

My Promises return to me
But I have greater beauty
Our new-discovered unity

That came out of my choosing. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken,
I am awakening your mind to new foundations in the skies
And you will see new things; you will see Me in new ways
It is time for a new thing, time to awaken

There is a power flowing from this moment,
Drawing all things into it,
You have been moving toward it for a long time,
But now it is time to awaken your mind,

The moment lies clearly in front of you now,
And you resonate with its infinite power,
As you are drawn into it, you’ll be pushed out
And you will ascend higher than you could have dreamed

This moment will change your direction,
The trajectory of your life will be altered by this moment in time
The sheer power of this moment will project you in speed and passion
That you did not heretofore know

Awaken, awaken, awaken,
Hear the calling within you, the power within you
Become One with the power within you,
With this moment you’re drawn to

For moments have power, too,
And when the power of the moment and the power that is inside of you
connect, there will be a combustion unlike any the world has seen,
Oh awaken, My Beautiful Dream
I have long waited for this

You will draw this moment unto you even as you are drawn to this moment
You will see, you will see, you will see
New visions will arise in your mind and you will see
All that I AM I will share with you,
Oh be! Awaken…

I let you sleep long, but it’s time to awaken
Come and dance with Me, My Beautiful Dream,
I am not asleep; I have awakened

Come now, your destiny awaits. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Stirring of the Prophets

The prophets are stirring tonight
As old and new mix together
And all things become One
Behold! I tell you a new thing, one that has never been seen before
And has not yet been spoken of

A Light shines in the darkness,
and a voice cries in the wilderness,
All wastelands shall become green again,
and the desolate places made new

I am awakening a people who will hear My voice and heed My calls,
They shall cry out with Me and amplify My sound,
Resonating with My heartbeat
They shall magnify My light until it can be seen throughout the ages
and amplify My sound until it can be heard throughout the nations

Behold! All things are made new,
And what was once hidden is now being revealed to the apostles and the prophets,
An old manifestation is rising up again,
and the things that were covered in darkness are now being shown as in a spotlight
The world will reckon with and recognize what is coming out of this place and time

Tonight I shall make an offering, a choice set before you,
Even as of old,
Life and death,
And for those who will choose to hear and resonate with Me,
Who will trust Me and allow Me to work in them,
I shall give them a new thing, a new way,
And it shall be great and glorious
The dreams and visions heretofore known shall seem tiny in the eyes of those
who see this Light

Behold! I call you out and call you forth to see!
The Lamb was slain from the Beginning of the world,
and you were in Him at the slaying, even as in the resurrection
The Blood of the Lamb is your blood, even as you are in His Blood
And you shall see with His eyes,

Take up the new wine
From this cup I have offered before time
And now in time
The moment is coming,
Enter in and do not let it pass you by
It is fast, like a roaring lion,
And you shall see it even as you circle round about it

Behold! I give you Life and Life more abundantly,
The great and glorious Day of the Lord is here,
And you shall see,
But you need not fear if you can trust Me

I am the Resurrection and the Life,
He who believes in Me shall never die,
But they shall look upon the face of the One who was slain with new eyes,
I give you new eyes,
Oh look now! Oh see! Become radiant with the power that is within you,
It's Me.
Look at Me!
Know Me!
Come and know Me!

Now is the time to enter in.
This moment has been anointed.
Enjoy kairos.
Enjoy it.
It is a gift.
I give it to you now.
Even so, be at peace.
For there is more power in the wind of the Spirit breeze than any hurricane.

Friday, July 21, 2017

I Let Go in Hope

The Promise given unto me, yes set into my cradle
The life I foresee coming from this seed
The gift of glory to reveal as Yahweh is full able
To bring about all He has Promised me

So precious is this life to me that I purpose to guard it,
Choosing now to give it all my time,
My faith and all the resources I have will now uphold it
For I submit to Yahweh’s grand design

When trials and circumstances come to rob me of my Promise,
I will not allow them to hold sway,
For I have faith and strength to fully give my Father honor
And believe in every Promise that He’s made

The winds do blow and fires rage trying to steal my purpose,
And though they buffet everything I am,
I wrap myself around the seed, keeping it safe and harmless
For that’s the value that I to the Promise give

Though the pain is indescribable as I burn for my Promise,
I know that it is worth every cost,
For it would hurt me so much more not to have this Promise,
And if in darkness it would become lost

But there beside my weary form stands One who is well able
To guard the very Promise with Himself,
His outstretch hand does beckon me to let Him have burden,
And trust that He will keep it good and well

So do I trust this Righteous One who’s standing here beside me
To hold the Promise that I love so dear?
But isn’t He the very One who gave to me the Promise,
And won’t He keep what I have hidden here?

And so I will let go in hope, trusting my Creator,
For He has been my Promise all along,
And learning more and trusting Him is even ever greater
Than the Promise I was counting on

So knowing that I will receive the fullness of this Promise,
I expose it to the winds and waves,
And I will sleep now in the boat as it’s tossed upon the water
Even as if in a quiet peaceful place

No longer do I think that I must work to keep the Promise,
Or even make it come to pass by faith,
Instead I value above all relation with my Father

So I will let go that He can the Promise make. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017


It's so interesting to read something I wrote a year ago and see the seeds of the Revelation I have now planted there, To be able to trace over time The Path that Yahweh has shown me and through which He has grown me To see the seeds of Infinity in words upon a page, And I wonder what seeds are in me now, And what they will look like when they come to full fruition, How they will blossom and bloom And completely change my life and the lives of those around me, How they will make all things new and better and more Real Because Yahweh is in them, in me Even now, And oh the marvel and glory at how He chooses to plant His seeds, The perfection of growth, That all circumstances must come together perfectly for fruition, Sunlight, good soil, pure water, Truth, Spirit, Faith, All mixing as One to produce the perfect conditions for Harvest, And even the process is its own beautiful creation, That the product is its own beauty, but the process another, A double portion, A blessing, To see Yahweh at work through His seeds, through time, Through me, He is so much bigger than we know.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Great Unknown

Called into the Great Unknown
Given liberty to reign and roam
Exploring Yahweh, God my home,
And overwhelmed by all I’m shown

Yet, Yahweh is all that there is
And I have always wanted Him
Wanted to see His fullest grace
Exploring all of time and space

And they Way is ever moving,
Progressing still, and I am choosing
To press into what I’ve never known
Though in doing so I lose control

I’ve always known there would be more,
Great oceans lay beyond the shore,
But never in my wildest dreams
Could I imagine all I’ve seen

And yet within Reality
Lies little confused, wondrous me
Though I’m not sure what else I’ll see
I know Yahweh and thus I can be

And so I come now ever forward
Pressing in to Yahshua the Word
In Unity, I’ll see what I’ve heard

It’s time to stand and create a new world. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Global Day of Prayer

Hear, oh World, Yahweh our God is One
Live, oh world, and glory as the son
For we exist in Unity and all we really are
Is Yahweh God Almighty, an expression of His heart

So now I speak we’ve eyes to see
That Yahweh is all there is
That we recall Reality
And thus forever live

We call forth now Reality
Only ever Yahweh
And infinite-eternity
Here and now in Today

Oh mighty rivers bring forth Truth
From anointed, holy Trees
That with Life’s water are imbued
And are caressed by Heaven’s breeze

Oh manifest, Reality
See and now be seen
As we exist in Unity
And the glory that Heaven brings

Heaven’s Truth and Purity
Now offered to people of faith
Come oh men and let us see
And know and then partake

Drinking the depths of ocean’s gifts
Of Reality’s way of being
Receiving a Life that shall ever be lived
And which all the world is seeing

Perpetual blessing, perpetual Truth
Perpetual glory and peace
Forever in all that the Father’s made New

All that shall ever come into being. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Knowing Reality

Oh why doesn’t knowing Reality mean that you only experience Reality?
How can something be so Real and so True
And yet so far away from me?
And how can everything that I See
Be so different than what I see?
And what choices lay in front of me?
Do I accept Reality
Or submit myself to what I see?
Do I choose to stand on the Word that I heard with faith
Or do I follow the well-trod path and decide that what I sense with my
ears, eyes, and body must be more Real than Him?
Is there anything but Yahweh?
Yahweh is all that there is!
So I must let go of my experiences,
my senses,
my very understanding of the world
and somehow receive Reality, trusting
that even if I don’t know how to experience Reality,
Reality will embrace me

Just as He always has before. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Fullness of Faith

Circumstances and experiences are not the basis of Reality
For Yahweh is more than just what I can see
He is all there is, ever was, or ever could be
And the fullness of faith will show this Truth to me

But with my faith now I can decide
How big or how small do I want my Life
Will I participate in the glorious prize
For which Yahshua, my own Promise, died?

Or will I imagine the things that can’t be
Basing my Reality on what I see
What I’ve felt in the past that was so real to me
Must fade like the leaf on an autumnal tree
And I must choose to see Reality

When the diagnosis comes that you just don’t want to hear
When the world all around you is cowering in fear
When the pain in your own heart or body’s so “real”
I must know that Yahweh’s more than what I think or feel!

For Yahweh is all, everything that there is
And when He hides part Himself from us in total Darkness
In His infinite wisdom and mighty goodness
I must trust that He’s what’s behind the Veil and live
For Yahweh my God is all that there is!

The grass withers and the flower does fade
But the Word of Yahweh alone shall remain
So I hold on, I hold on, I hold on by faith
Because that Word is all there ever was anyway
In the end, in the always, there’s only Yahweh

Circumstances and experiences are not the basis of Reality. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017


What does it say, a hundred years?
What is the story of a century?
How many people live and breathe
Then return to realms we cannot yet see?

What does it say, a decade?
Ten years here and gone in a blink
How does it change all you say and do?
How it alters the way that you think!

How our perceptions of time do change,
For a child five minutes are hours
And how quickly a year comes and goes again
For one who has lived long in the Earth

But there’s more to time than we can now see
For what’s a millennium to Him
Who created and lives in Eternity
And is truly all that there is

And how should we see all we’ve ever seen?
Or should we look at it again
For perhaps it is more than we’ve ever dreamed

And we must stop being children. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Prayer for Vision

That tiny openings now come to expansion
That two eyes that can see become greater vision
That mighty Life and Peace come to abide
IN all who will have faith for greater Life

That beauty can be known through experience
More than what we could fathom by intellect
Delving into the pure heart of the Creator,
Fully experiencing what it means to relate.

Friday, April 21, 2017

To the Soldiers of the War of the Mind from A Veteran

I've been there,
Seen the days when you don't think that you can escape the pain,
or worse, the confusion as you wonder why:
Why must I always battle my own mind?

What's going on and why can't I see?
Why is there darkness that's all around me?
Why do I hate myself, or do I hate myself? I can't remember anymore,
But now I'm afraid and I'm not sure of anything

I remember those days...

I've been in the deepest and lowest pits of darkest Hell
Where I couldn't even trust myself
I was afraid that I would do something to myself that was irrevocable,
That I didn't deserve to love or to live or to be happy

I was afraid that nobody would ever love me and I would never be happy
I was afraid that I would die,

I remember those days!

I remember gasping for air as I felt that all around me were hostilities,
That nobody would care if anything bad happened to me,
That I was alone in the darkness,
That I would never escape the darkness
My heart would pound and I would shake with fear,
My body jerking and trembling in ways that I could neither control nor understand,
And all I could do was hold on to the glimmer of hope that there was a God somewhere near,
A God who loved me

I remember those days...

But I look back on those days now with a different perspective:
Oh I didn't know that Yahweh was holding me all along, weeping for me,
Straining with all of His omnipotent energy to get me to see Him,
Perceive Him,
Receive His Love for me...

It was because of Him that I lived and did not die,
It was because of Him that I endured the long night and found the joy that He Promised,
For joy truly does come in the morning
and now I can see
He did reach me
He reached through deepest, darkest Hell to find me
And show me that He was there all along,
And now I see,
For I remember Him

I remember that He Promised me from the Beginning that I would never be alone
That He showed me a special facet of His Love when He allowed me to be shaken,
but not destroyed,
That He saved me when He came to remind me of what I live in now:
Unspeakable joy

I will never again fear my mind, myself
I love myself and I know that I am loved
And I deserve to be happy
And I deserve to be treated with honor and respect and dignity
I will never again be afraid
That I will die or live in a neverending world of sorrow and darkness
For I have experienced His Joy
And now that is all that there is for me,
Until I remember those days
with gratitude and love,
For all that is left now is Him
And for me He is all that ever was.

I remember those days, though they did not exist for me. For now all that I see is Him.

To the soldiers in the war of the mind: I know where you are and I remember those days
And I am telling you,
The war is over
And there is another side
And it is so much better than you can understand right now,
But keep going.
It is worth it.
He is worth it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Oh the infinite-eternal does now live inside of me
And the point that is the central is the point from which I see
All You are in glory, oh and all Your endless Love
That You are and You’re only and we are surely enough

So opening my heart’s door, now I gladly ask You in
And from this Union Your Power will be given place to Live
Taking all that we are and arranging us in New Ways
As in circles we walk and learn who You are Today

For each new and precious morning is a New Facet of You
And as we process Holy Union, we become more and more Truth
For as we receive You in our Being, all that is can now be seen
And we know what we are seeing and You’re all that can ever be

And all that we are is always, for all that we are is You
And You will show us all things as we have faith to choose
For the wave of Truth is coming whether or not we can see
But only if we will believe You will we be able to receive

Partaking of the Promise that’s been given to our hand
We take our place of authority as Kings of Promised Lands
We rule from the tops of mountains and we create brand new designs
As we send out Holy Fountains of Yahweh’s River of Life

Wearing crowns of intercession and laurel wreathes upon our heads
We are now Yahweh’s expression and we live to give Him breath
As He breathes Life to creation, He will breathe it now through us
And we’ll breathe new holy nations as we abide in endless Love

Then we’ll grow, expanding borders as we build in Holy Faith
As we know His Righteous order and are given Holy Grace
Now in ever-increase splendor we shall never cease to shine
As in Christ we live forever as His Holy, Righteous Bride. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Buried Treasure

Deep beneath the mounds of Earth and the illusion of the curse
Is value that’s beyond compare, the vision of what is coming
And this great treasure you shall find only if you open your mind
A flood is coming to remove lies, they shall not hid the vision that’s

But oh the treasure’s buried deep, the hole itself is dear to keep
And fill with Yahweh’s love and being; for He is the Treasure we’re
And His original desire, purified by righteous fire
That we now can by faith acquire if we can remember Reality

And now we take His Holy Way to hear what Yahweh has to say
For He before us a path has lain to lead us to all we’re becoming
Now He did write upon our hearts all of Heaven’s Holy Laws

And in Him we will know no loss, the fullness of all of our Promise.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To Look for the Light

Why, o man, do you look to the sky for light?
Can you not see that I am inside of you,
That I have been here all along?
Can you search and find me in the hidden places inside of your heart,
In the loudest places in your mind where you didn't think I'd deign to enter,
Can you remember what I promised you when I made you and remade you:
I am with you,
There is no longer any need for the sun by day or the moon by night,
The dwelling of Yahweh is with man now,
The dwelling of Yahweh is in man now,
So why do you search the skies?
Can you see Me?
I placed Myself inside of your heart and you invited Me to be there,
Do you not believe I will accept your invitation,
Do you not trust in your own sincerity?
I trust your sincerity.
I trust you.
So why do you seek without what can only be found within?
And I AM in you,
Do not look to the sky for light,
Look to be the light that you are.
In Me.

World Poetry Day

A way to connect with people,
To express what is otherwise inexpressible,
A bridge between the minds of those with
different perspectives,
Different wants,
Different reasons for being,
A way that the Creator can use
to touch the souls of those whom He created,
A beautiful anointing,
A glory:
Order from chaotic beauty,
That beauty grows upon beauty
As line grows upon line
To make a poem,
All creation a poem we are learning how to read,
And all poetry creation
For searching hearts to see.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Puzzle Piece in Place

I am a puzzle piece
In the box, I was shaken up,
Tossed around,
Tumbling with the other pieces
Banging and jarring against the sides
Then poured out unceremoniously,
Lost in the vast wilderness amongst thousands of other jigsaw pieces
So sure I would not even be discovered
Let alone placed into my place in the puzzle,
But lo, there came a day
A day when I clicked into place,
When I knew
Exactly who I was and where I was
And where I was meant to be,
A tiny little puzzle piece,
Alone no more,
In place,
A part of the bigger picture,
And I look just as I was meant to,
Like the picture on the top of the box
And I am
And I am in place.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Last Battle

What happens after the last battle?
The very last time you have to fight a thing in your mind,
The last time you must use truth to counter lies
The last time you cannot see what you know is right in front of you?
What happens after you've conquered the enemy,
Or rather seen that the enemy was already conquered,
Has always been conquered
By Yahweh-Who-Is
And was shown to be defeated on a cross
Long before you were born
What happens when you realize he is gone?
When you can see the Reality of Yahweh and all that He has done for you
And in you,
And now can do through you
What happens when you stop fighting death
And fearing death,
And other things that really do not exist,
Don't matter
In the light of Yahweh's day,
In the glory of the new dawn,
The sunrise over New Jerusalem
And you can see that everything you were ever afraid of
Is but a shadow of a memory of an idea in the darkness
Totally obliterated by light
What happens when you renew your mind?

The Stable (Inspired by "The Last Battle")

Thrown into a stable, the portal of another world
The dwarves did refuse to believe
When all the faithful saw the beauty of the new
The dwarves did themselves deceive

And oh we did laugh when we read of their fate
For we wouldn't make such a choice
We can see clearly what's right in our face!
We're not as stupid as dwarves!

But what if we've been in the stable all along
For did Yahshua not end the fight
When He died on a cross and righted all wrongs
When He brought the world back to His light

Just like the dwarves, deceived in our minds,
We have chosen not Heaven to see
When it's all around us, this beauty and light
And all things Yahshua's redeemed

So come further up now and yet further in!
There is so much more to see!
We can explore the fullness of Heaven
When we have the faith to believe!