Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lost and Found

Seek and you shall find Me
For I never can be lost
But when you have the eyes to see
I am hidden in the dust

From the ashes and the ruins
I shall rise and take My place
You shall see and not be desolate
For you’ve chosen to embrace

My Word and oh My Spirit
My Truth that shall remain
Listen and you’ll fully hear it
And you’ll see me once again

Fear not the creeping shadows
Do not worry about the lies
Heed not the enemy’s bellows
Hear My whisper ‘neath the cries

Oh creation may be groaning
But time will surely tell
Of My victory that’s coming
And in the end, all will be well

Seek the journey of the Maker
See and find your Father’s heart
Know that I am here to take you
On the pathway through the dark

But the light not be hidden
Everything shall be revealed
For I am the resurrection
Truth’s unwavering, righteous zeal

Seek and know that I am with you
See and know I am at rest
In the peace you now shall find me
For I’ve made you to be blessed

Hear My Words and heed My heart’s cry
Do not give in to the doubts
All I have, I’m King of all Life
And I always shall be found.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Psalm from January 1, 2012

Hear, oh land! Yahweh our God,
Yahweh is One!

Is anything too big for Yahweh?
Any task too overwhelming?
He holds the universe in the palms of His hands.
Existence is as a kernel of corn
Compared to His Greatness and Splendor
Can anything prevail against Him?
Shall anything stand at His Presence
Lest He give them leave?
Even the winds and the waves,
The very tides, obey Him.
The world moves at the Word
of His Power.
His voice can put a thousand angels to flight
And ten thousand to rest.
His Word never faints nor fails.
He shall go out and search the Earth
For a remnant and never return void,
Finding a people by whom He can swear
That Heaven and Earth be one.
Can He not do it? Have you not seen?
Have you not heard? Who could stand
against Him? For He is.
For I AM.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Joy of Purpose

Oh pleasure and excitement
In becoming who I am
In fulfilling all my purpose
Living in my Promised Land

In showing to creation
Our Father’s fullest heart
In taking up my pen to write,
His glory to impart

The beauty of becoming
Who I was made to be
And operating in the Christ
Who dwells right now in me

There’s glory and there’s blessing
In my place in Yahweh’s Christ
He’s worth of the calling
For Him I’ll pay the price

Leaving all in this world
To receive Yahshua’s Christ
To be all that I’m called to be

Is to truly be alive.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


A New Beginning has been offered
And we have a choice to make
It’s the Promise of the Father
And it’s newly made each day

Will we join ourselves in Covenant
Or will we it reject
Will we value all that He does give
Or will we enter debt

Will we take up all our grave clothes
Or will we cast them off
For He offered resurrection
When He died upon the cross

The Way has now been opened
The Way out of the grave
So will we languish in the ground
Or let Him our Promise save

There is joy and there is a Promise
That does remain for us
There’s a life that is much greater
Than anything we’d lost

Though not easy, Resurrection,
It’s the only way to live
For there’s no life in dead things
But even the dead can live again

So He’s showing you His dry bones,
“Son of man, can these things live?”
And it’s up to you to answer
If you want to live again

Take the Way that has been opened
He’s the only Truth and Life
For by faith, oh man, you can receive
Again in you your Christ.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Come to the Father

Come to the Father, come to the Well
Drink deeply of His life
Allow Him inside of your heart to dwell
Come and recognize!

Rejoice in the fountain who flows from all Truth
Rejoice in the Father’s dream
Rejoice that He’s coming and living in you
Rejoice in all that’s coming to be!

Worship in peace, in joy, and in rest
Worship in righteousness now
Know that He’s only and all that is left
When illusion is cast fully down

Come and rejoice in the One who exists
In all that He authored and made
Come and express all that He is
As you walk in creation by faith

Come and exult in exuberant power
Come and be all that you are
Come and be with Him here and right now
Fulfill the desires of your heart

Know that He’s worth it and that He’s able
To knock down all barriers and veils
Know that He’s chosen you to sit at His table
He asks you to drink from His well

Come and receive Him and all that He offers
Take up the bread and the wine
Empty your heart, your mind and your coffers
Give Him now all of your life

For all that He gives you is all that you’ve need of
There is not anything else
That you could want to or even could keep when
He’s chosen to give you Himself

Come to the Father, rest in the Father
Rest in His most holy peace
Allow Him to minister all that He’s offered

And allow yourself fully to be.


Take me further, deeper still
Take me to Your Promise
I’ve barely tasted of this well
There’s even more here than this

Oh the endless, holy glory
The Infinite expanse
Oh the deep abiding joy
That comes out of our dance

There is no darkness, only light
There’s so much more to goodness
Stars I’ve only dreamt to find
As I delve into Your Promise

The vast expanse of endless day
The greatness of all space
Before us now in endless array
To take me to my place!

Holy, holy, ever holy
Yahweh God Almighty
I embrace you now so fully
And all that You have for me

Oh the greatness of time and space
Is only surpassed by
The love of Him who gave us grace
And made us stars to shine

Shine for the glory of the One
Who is forever holy
As we move forward now as sons
Radiating so all can now see

For there’s a Promise made for us
If we will but embrace it
It’s time now for the Renaissance

Of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit!