Thursday, July 25, 2019

Song of the Mystics

We, the Mystics, proudly arise
In this Age of Aquarius as is our time,
We are who we are; we don’t apologize
For moving beyond and living our lives

We, the Mystics,
Will make you uncomfortable,
For we do not conform to standard doctrine or theology,
We do not fit within prescribed boxes that history and tradition have made,
But we believe only that which we have heard from the very lips of God
And we build our worlds upon Him, upon Our Love, upon who We are
Instead of everything we’ve ever known

We have journeyed with you, among you, beside you,
And we will continue to do so,
But we will also go on, launching out in our coracles from the ship that brought us almost all the way,
As we reach the edge of the world in this theology that can go no further,
Still, we paddle on in our tiny little vessels,
For we will not ever cease to seek the greater things, the revelations, the face of Yahweh,
We shall learn to see Him in all things,
In ever-deepening ways,
Even in our own hearts and in everything that we are

We, the Mystics, are the dreamers,
The visionaries, those who are willing to see the Beginning and the End,
To endure the immense suffering of letting go of all we’ve known and built
In order to progress and grow,
The world does not understand us,
But we cannot be concerned with that,
For we are about our Father’s business,
And though sometimes we have no place to lay our heads
As we show fallacy to Pharisees,
We long to gather with the people of Jerusalem and love them,
And if they do not let us,
Still we will love them

Their opinions of us will vary
Depending on their comfort levels and what they see themselves,
One Sunday we are lauded with palms,
The next we are nailed to a cross,
But in all of this, we do not stop being who we are,
We do not stop relationship,
We do not cease to Love

We overturn tables in anger,
We weep beside the graves of loved ones,
We leave the ninety-nine to help a single sufferer,
And we feed thousands with the nourishment of Truth,
Yet not because we are better than any other,
Simply because we are who we are, and we are not denying this anymore

For we are all Mystics,
Each of us on our own journeys with Yahweh
In Truth and in Covenant,
And when we embrace and love our own selves,
We can share the beauty of who we are with each other self out there,

We are the Mystics
And we are glorious!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Outside My Window

The trees are dragons made of leaves and dancing lights
That flicker behind them from streetlamps that come on as the sun sets,
They stare at me through my window,
But I do not fear them as they smile and snort and wink,
I enjoy seeing the faces,
Blinking at me in the twilight through the windows of my home,
Their soft beauty and the calm tranquility
Meshing together in the gloaming,
And I love this time of night,
The peace of the darkness reminds me
That there is no reason to despise the times
When the light is faint
And the darkness prevails,
That I can see such beauty and humor in the darkness,
Just as I can see it in the cute little dragon made of leaves
That winks at me through my window.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Imagine My Surprise

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I could worship Yahweh as well with secular music
in the background as worship music,
That He is the same God on Thursday as He is on Sunday morning,
That I could feel Him all around me in my living room as much as in a church sanctuary,
That I could find caring, Yahweh-hearted people in my workplace as much as in a gathering
of believers,
That I could see Him in a little boy who is decidedly not Christian as in the most pious of pastors,
That I could know Him in Hell as well as in Heaven,

Imagine my surprise when I saw Yahweh in the darkness as much as in the light,
When I found Him after having to enter into places they all told me He would never go,
When I knew Him as deeply and purely and personally in the valley as much as on the top of a mountain,
When I learned that I could show His Love to others as much through joking around with them and cussing
as I can by praying for them and receiving their prayers,

Imagine my surprise when I learned to recognize Yahweh in the mirror
More than in a theology,
When I learned to know Him through science as much as through scripture,
When I abandoned all boxes and found Him in every box and even beyond,
When I learned what I always knew in some deep part of me:
Yahweh doesn’t fit in a box! He is always more!

Imagine my surprise when I let go of what others told me Yahweh was like and learned to know Him
for myself
And knew what I AM that I AM really means,
For Our Existence is not predicated upon the approval, understanding, acceptance, or even existence
of another,
And I have chosen to know Myself in all things.