Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Snake

Hissy, hissy, I'm a snakey
I slither on the floor
I come to cause you to tremble and fear
I will circle 'round you and roar

I will snap and strike your heals
I will hiss and stare at you
I will come close so you'll feel
Trembling to your very shoes

I will posture, I will menace
I will stare you down
I will advance so you'll retreat
I will keep you on the ground

I will hope you do not notice
How much bigger than me you are
I will hope you won't remember
That you're imbued with power

I will snap and will distract you
I will cause you to doubt
Because I can never really touch you
I haven't got the clout

But as I advance and you retreat
It's here I gain my power
I can only have what you let me
So keep yourself down

For if you don't, I've surely lost
For it's your power to stop
Any attack I'm perpetuating
And reclaim all that was lost

So hissy, hissy, I make such noise
So you can't hear the Word
Be afraid and don't rejoice
In Yahweh's finished work.

Oh Yeah...

The worries and anxieties and fears
Finally settle
And I remember that Yahweh has a place for me
For me
And that I am safe and provided for
All along.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ballad of a Poet

I never feel so much at peace
As when I'm writing poetry
Words dancing in a rhythm on a page

It's then that I know who I am
And remember Yahweh's plan
It's then that I dig deeply with Yahweh

When all about me chaos swirls
Emotions turbulently whirl
By poetry, I put thoughts into order

The Holy Spirit starts to flow
And I remember what I know
And then I can fully cross the border

Between the threshold and dimensions
In poetry, I build extensions
Bridges that allow me 'cross the line

I receive such revelation
Yahweh's joy and jubilations
In poetry and parables are mine

So I will write and keep on writing
The grace of Yahweh so exciting
I will not forget why I was made

I will be embraced by Yahweh
I shall feel the joy of His faith
And receive all that His poetry relays.

Monday, May 16, 2016


People who stay up late at night
Weeping over other people's children
Who want to adopt the world
And make things better for those
Who have no safe home to go to

We care more than the kids do
Because we've seen more,
Our perspective is greater
And so we know that it's important
To have good language skills
And the ability to respect your boss
And do what you're told even if you don't understand
We try to convince them,
But they lack perspective
So we hope and pray and fight
So that one day they will have the perspective
And the foundation
To build a good life

We work long hours
We overstress
And overeat chocolate
In the month of May
We give chance after chance
Because at the end of the day
We want our students to be successful
Even if it makes more work for us

We ache for them, our students
We yearn for them to be happy
To avoid some of the pitfalls that we fell into
When we were their age
We want them to prosper
And if our desires could make it so,
Then everyone would pass our classes
With the skills and knowledge and
Even wisdom
Necessary for them to fulfill their purposes
And find the true inner joy
Of who they were always meant to be

And if our desires could make it so
Every one of them would have a safe home
To go to tonight,
A family where they are loved and blessed
And at peace
And every
Would know
They are loved
They matter
They can change the world

We are frustrated
Because their success is not up to us
Even though society says that it is
But if it were, that would be trespassing
For we only have one life to live
And we cannot take control of our students
And make them, force them,
To do what we know they need to
For their futures

We learn to let go
Little by little and year after year
And I'm still learning
How to temper the passion that burns inside of me
For them
How to love them completely
Without hurting deep in my soul
With the hurts that they have
Without owning their suffering
Because, though I want to make it end,
I cannot

And I cannot do this,
Any of it,
Without faith, without Yahweh
Without trusting Him and knowing
That He has them in His hands
And He loves them more than I do
And He has made provision for them
And even though I am part of that provision
I am not its entirety

And I am blessed to be a teacher
To feel this fiery passion inside
Because I catch a glimpse
Of Yahweh's passion for all of us,
All of His creation
He wept over Jerusalem
He rejoiced to die on a cross
He would not let us be lost if it was at all within His power

And it is all within His power.
But like with my students
He cannot force us
To choose Him and His wisdom
For His perspective is greater than ours
He sees farther, so much farther beyond
And sometimes we have to respect our King
And do what we don't understand
Like go into a classroom everyday
With heartache
And pray
And be
And demonstrate in some small measure
The love of Yahweh.