Sunday, September 18, 2016

Praise (Why I Write)

Oh, I long to share with you the joy of Yahweh that I have experienced
Yet I know that you must experience Him for yourself to truly see
I have limited understanding, yet I have been in His Presence
And there I have learned to live and be

I have lived! I'm alive! I was dead just the other day!
I remember when I died; I never though to live again

Yet my Father, He is faithful,
He remembered what He lost
Though He had to give up everything
He paid the entire cost

I was dead, oh so dead, in my trespasses and sin
Just in being in the lost and dying world
I did not know that I could live; I had forgotten!
But Yahweh came and made His banner unfurl

Oh my Father, oh so faithful, oh magnificence and grace
Oh the resurrection power that we can receive by faith

Did you know, have you seen, have you tasted of the Word
Have you realized the power that He offers
Can you take up your cross and live by dying as you've heard
Submitting to the King above all powers?

Oh I long to share with you to glorify my Father
To remind you of what you thought could never be
I should whisper that it wasn't lost or taken by another
And if you remember you, too, can come and see

Oh it's worth it, oh so worth it! Step out of darkness into light!
Have the faith to lift the burden! Bring the day out from the night!

Come with me to His Presence, come and seek and find His heart
No matter what you give up, He is worth it
For the end is the Beginning and that's where we have to start
If we wish to find our original Promised purpose.

Stream of Consciousness

We are born
Our consciousness of this world awakes
And we forget everything that we once knew, who we were, that we were
We forget our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
We forget why we are here and what we are doing and we wander around lost, alone, and afraid trying to figure things out that just don't make sense, can't make sense
They won't make sense until we Remember
And yet, the world pushes and pulls at us, beckoning in every moment, "Come! Go! Run! Stay!" and we attempt to break free, for we are all searching for the answer, for Reality, but instead of remembering who we are and where we're from and that we are loved by
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
We start to fight against the world, pushing back and pulling stronger and screaming, "No! Wait! This is not the way!"
But the battle itself becomes bondage to many as they focus only upon vanquishing the evils that surround them and forget again
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
And in so doing, they forget themselves, for we cannot exist, cannot be without Him
And so our consciousness of this world, whether we are bound to it because we enjoy it
Or we hate it and rail against it
Keeps us from truly superseding it, rising above it, and remembering
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
And we focus on improving ourselves and motivating ourselves and trying to make ourselves happy
We switch jobs and spouses and locations and actions
Always looking, always searching for something more, something we once knew
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
Or we fight the demons on every doorknob and rail against the evils that surround us, joining every church league and charity event, sponsoring every chance to end illness or poverty or childhood disability and still we find that we haven't found
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
And we miss what's right in front of us, what has been here all along
Do we not know? Can we not see? Do we not remember?
In all the searching and seeking have we missed the realty that
He already came back and found us?
Our Creator, our Father, our Best Friend
The still small voice in the night that whispers, "It's ok. I'm here. You are home."

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ode to Night

Oh how I love the night
A time for pondering and positing
A time for pontificating and personalizing the Truth
A time to prosper
A time of Promise
Oh to sit in the dark and talk with my Father about the day
About His plans
About His divine nature and ways
A time of peace and solitude
With the Prince of Peace and Rest
No wonder night time is rest time
And in some ways, although there is so much darkness in the night and Yahshua is the light of the world
He is King of the Night
He reigns and expresses Himself in the night in ways that He never could during the day
And I find that I am appreciative of the night
Grateful for the night
Oh how I love the night.