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The grass has been pounded into the hard earth by hundreds of thousands of passing, trampling feet. That's fine. The grass was dead anyway, already brown and wilting in the bright sunlight. A slight breeze whispers through the air, carrying with it the unmistakable charge of electricity. Of anticipation. As the wind whispers through the part of my hair that has escaped from my helmet, it brings with it the scent of the impending fight. There is not an actual odor to it, nothing that can be described. It is more a feeling. As though lightning could strike me at any second, though the sky is bright and clear with only the faintest wisps of pearly white cotton balls to mark the endless sea of blue. I peer into the sky as the sunlight glints off of my armor, then glance at the hill in front of me. The enemy is just over that hill. I know it. We all know it. And I daresay the enemy knows we're coming. A few more steps and I will see the standards. A few more steps and I will top


This is just to say. I WILL NOT QUIT! No way... Whatever may happen, No matter what I will walk out my purpose In faith and trust For I clearly hear Yahweh And know what will be So NOTE to the world: My purpose you'll see!

Choices: Do Not Be Deceived

The embers of a dying flame The wilted stems of faded flowers The frayed tendrils of a worn tapestry That used to be so bright OR A bonfire with sparks and color A fragrant bouquet with strong stems A tapestry in which you and Yahweh are woven together intimately He has for you tonight. Just because they were once good Doesn't mean they're that way now Choose the life He has for you Drop what can't last anyhow. For through the changing seasons' time He always remains Always yours and always mine Living in Today. Today Yeconiah HalleluYah! Amen.

Flow The Boat

(to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") Flow, flow, flow your boat Right in Yahweh's stream Verily, verily, verily, verily Yahweh's all we need!

Life or Death?

Give it away! It’s not really yours! Toss it out, it is destined to die. Unless you release this, you’ll never have more. Cling to it, and you too will die. For nothing is lost that isn’t already perishing Yahweh gives all that endures. But you can’t take what lasts if you cling to what’s leaving Eventually, you have to choose. So give up what is nothing To gain what’s forever Don’t lose your soul To gain a dying world! For what Yahweh has for you Is a true treasure Eternity, Himself The Word. He planned things for you long before creation What He’s had for you has always been yours Receive it, embrace it with jubilation Walk in fulfillment purposed. So that is the choice take it AND leave it For you can’t have both at a time. Reality or illusion? Truth or deceivement? The choice is entirely yours. 

Christmas Haiku

How odd that some say The night the Word became flesh Was a "silent night."