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A Prayer for Vision

That tiny openings now come to expansion That two eyes that can see become greater vision That mighty Life and Peace come to abide IN all who will have faith for greater Life That beauty can be known through experience More than what we could fathom by intellect Delving into the pure heart of the Creator, Fully experiencing what it means to relate.

To the Soldiers of the War of the Mind from A Veteran

I've been there, Seen the days when you don't think that you can escape the pain, or worse, the confusion as you wonder why: Why must I always battle my own mind? What's going on and why can't I see? Why is there darkness that's all around me? Why do I hate myself, or do I hate myself? I can't remember anymore, But now I'm afraid and I'm not sure of anything I remember those days... I've been in the deepest and lowest pits of darkest Hell Where I couldn't even trust myself I was afraid that I would do something to myself that was irrevocable, That I didn't deserve to love or to live or to be happy I was afraid that nobody would ever love me and I would never be happy I was afraid that I would die, I remember those days! I remember gasping for air as I felt that all around me were hostilities, That nobody would care if anything bad happened to me, That I was alone in the darkness, That I would never escape the darkness


Oh the infinite-eternal does now live inside of me And the point that is the central is the point from which I see All You are in glory, oh and all Your endless Love That You are and You’re only and we are surely enough So opening my heart’s door, now I gladly ask You in And from this Union Your Power will be given place to Live Taking all that we are and arranging us in New Ways As in circles we walk and learn who You are Today For each new and precious morning is a New Facet of You And as we process Holy Union, we become more and more Truth For as we receive You in our Being, all that is can now be seen And we know what we are seeing and You’re all that can ever be And all that we are is always, for all that we are is You And You will show us all things as we have faith to choose For the wave of Truth is coming whether or not we can see But only if we will believe You will we be able to receive Partaking of the Promise that’s been given to our

Buried Treasure

Deep beneath the mounds of Earth and the illusion of the curse Is value that’s beyond compare, the vision of what is coming And this great treasure you shall find only if you open your mind A flood is coming to remove lies, they shall not hid the vision that’s            coming But oh the treasure’s buried deep, the hole itself is dear to keep And fill with Yahweh’s love and being; for He is the Treasure we’re            seeking And His original desire, purified by righteous fire That we now can by faith acquire if we can remember Reality And now we take His Holy Way to hear what Yahweh has to say For He before us a path has lain to lead us to all we’re becoming Now He did write upon our hearts all of Heaven’s Holy Laws And in Him we will know no loss, the fullness of all of our Promise.