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To Look for the Light

Why, o man, do you look to the sky for light? Can you not see that I am inside of you, That I have been here all along? Can you search and find me in the hidden places inside of your heart, In the loudest places in your mind where you didn't think I'd deign to enter, Can you remember what I promised you when I made you and remade you: I am with you, There is no longer any need for the sun by day or the moon by night, The dwelling of Yahweh is with man now, The dwelling of Yahweh is in man now, So why do you search the skies? Can you see Me? I placed Myself inside of your heart and you invited Me to be there, Do you not believe I will accept your invitation, Do you not trust in your own sincerity? I trust your sincerity. I trust you. So why do you seek without what can only be found within? I AM And I AM in you, Do not look to the sky for light, Look to be the light that you are. In Me.

World Poetry Day

Poetry, A way to connect with people, To express what is otherwise inexpressible, A bridge between the minds of those with different perspectives, Different wants, Different reasons for being, A way that the Creator can use to touch the souls of those whom He created, A beautiful anointing, A glory: Order from chaotic beauty, That beauty grows upon beauty As line grows upon line To make a poem, Creation, All creation a poem we are learning how to read, And all poetry creation For searching hearts to see.

A Puzzle Piece in Place

I am a puzzle piece In the box, I was shaken up, Tossed around, Tumbling with the other pieces Banging and jarring against the sides Then poured out unceremoniously, Lost in the vast wilderness amongst thousands of other jigsaw pieces So sure I would not even be discovered Let alone placed into my place in the puzzle, But lo, there came a day A day when I clicked into place, When I knew Exactly who I was and where I was And where I was meant to be, A tiny little puzzle piece, Alone no more, In place, A part of the bigger picture, And I look just as I was meant to, Like the picture on the top of the box And I am And I am in place. Click.