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Embracing the Negativity

 Positive vibes only, Speak beautiful words, What you focus on, you create, Be more positive, Your thoughts are seeds, grow flowers not weeds   Any world built upon these concepts Is built upon a graveyard of suppressed fears, traumas, anger, and resentment, Which will eventually curse the beautiful city With the rottenness of duality and unexpressed emotion, Rising from the darkness, Anger will come and destroy the illustrious edifices Bitterness will waft noxious fumes over the parks and the houses, And the streets will run with the unshed tears of the child you were When first you learned That the world isn’t fair or loving or kind   Your world will be one of all of the horrors Perpetuated by the unprocessed traumas that were perpetrated upon you By those who were not allowed to process their own experiences, And so they turned to hurting others as they were hurt Because they, too, built their worlds upon the idea That pain is best kept hi

What I Used to Know

  Take me back to the days when I thought I knew everything, When I was certain that if I just followed the commandments and did the right things, Everything would work out eventually and God would bless me, When I knew that if I was going through hard times, It was only because I was doing what Yahweh willed of me And the enemy came strong against me because I was fighting him so, And eventually right would triumph over wrong, Good triumph over evil, And I would get everything I wanted no matter how long it took   These were the days I judged others, For they were not choosing God or they did not have enough faith, And if they just knew God as I knew Him, Their lives wouldn’t be such a mess, They would have made better choices, And their sorrows would not have increased   We are all Job’s friends until we are Job, For we do not understand what it means to face suffering, And nobody warned us That everyone must walk through the valley of the shad