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Not *World Suicide Prevention Day 2021*

Sometimes it’s so difficult to be a part Of this world that sends messages to break your heart Words can be as harmful as a deadly gunshot: “The most important thing you contribute to our world is not ”   Not giving us COVID, not showing your face, Not being unmasked in a public place, Not expressing your feelings when they’re really dark, Not being authentic to just who you are,   Not laughing so loudly or talking so much, About a subject that most of us don’t love, Not wearing that outfit that doesn’t conform, Not taking a step that is outside the norm   Not living a lifestyle that we wouldn’t choose, Not winning by too much, not daring to lose, Not sharing your story or bearing your soul, For we don’t want anything we cannot control   Not speaking up boldly on uncomfortable themes, Not needing support or making a scene, And don’t you dare ask for help at inconvenient times, Or we’ll tell you your problems are all in your mind   But the world is the problem, the world is not right, E