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All I've Ever Wanted

Yahweh To be with You To please You To know You This is all I've ever wanted. And all things shall be added... You have given me the desires of my heart Just as You promised You would If I delighted myself in You, You, who are all I've ever wanted. Thank You. Yes and amen.

Weeping For Jerusalem

One time, Yahshua stood on a hill Overlooking the city He walked in, Lived in, worked in, played in, and He saw it And all of the people in it, those who did not know, And He was weeping, weeping for Jerusalem. Today, I stood in my classroom, The classroom I've taught in Worked in, played in, and I saw it, All of the people, who did not know And I felt like weeping, weeping for Jerusalem. There is a girl who thinks she is special Only when there is a boy to tell her so, A boy who thinks he's unworthy, Because no one has time for him, A girl who thinks it's her job To take care of her family--even though she's only twelve. And one girl has never even known what it's like To be safe and loved and warm in the night To her, what does it even look like to be free? She's never seen, she does not know. So I am weeping, weeping for Jerusalem Waiting, waiting for full redemption And as the bride I say, "Come!" Oh, Yahweh come! Come and