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After the Answer

And when in Him you choose to be To live and have your being You exist, forever free With all that you are needing Then He will live inside of you Heart beating through your heart As you exist in Spirit-Truth And receive who you are And all the world becomes a stage For you to be expressing The plans that you together made As you bring life through dead things The best adventure ever known Now living in the Father As in Him you make your home Becoming authored authors Then He can express Himself Through you are you are living As in Him you move and dwell And receive what He is giving Glory comes as you create And live inside of Yahweh Always and ever in your place Resting in Him Today. 

Answer the Inward Call

The drawing that’s inside your heart The spark of intense longing To be just who you really are In union with the Father It manifests in different ways With many different symptoms: Emptiness, anxiety The constant search for meaning Yet the question must be asked The answer must be honest For if you want to be, exist You have to have a Promise A Covenant made before time With He who did create And purpose your life in His mind So that you could relate He made His Promise; He’s all in And now He’s calling to you For He is all there ever is And He wants to live through you So answer now the inward call That’s coming from the Father For life in Him cannot be lost As He is life’s own author. 


I'm thankful for creation, That I can see the threads of space and time And dance with the divine Expressing jubilation I'm thankful for the Father That He wants to share Himself with me And causes me to be His created author I'm thankful for redemption The glory that comes when we follow Christ And truly come to life For He is Resurrection I'm thankful for the beauty Of everything that Yahweh ever made And shared with me today His own True Reality I'm thankful for existing For there were times when I just didn't know If I could ever hope To have the life I'm living.

Visions From Nothing

I am sent from infinite-eternity beyond anything I have seen Out into time and space Inside of me, a Word, a Promise made freely and Covenanted with by me A vision to create I've been empowered to make and shape reality, bending light all around me  A lord of space and time And I can cause a hundred-thousand natural laws to submit to the Truth that does Exist in the divine And oh that power should be enough to right the wrongs, create my visions from the dust From ashes bring the beauty But then sometimes I forget my place divine, take upon myself space and time Forgetting reality So I must stand upon the Word I know is real and burn with an u common zeal The fire of creation That I can shine and command all of space and time to glorify Yahweh divine Bring light to all the nations For I am graced beyond the laws of time and space and what the natural does dictate  In Oneness with my Father I won't forget that all I am

The Star

Once there was a star that dwelled in the heavens. The skies were her glory and her realm in which to reign. She shone brightly, illuminating the darkness and providing light and life to all in her proximity. She was beautiful and she was radiant. The other stars, brilliant in their own ways, admired her greatly for her own unique and wondrous beauty. She, in turn, admired the other stars. None was jealous of another, and all lived together in harmony and splendor. Their lights shone greatly about them and they were blessings to all. One day, the star was sent to Earth and into the world. She forgot her time in the heavens and she forgot her light. She looked at the other beings in the Earth and they seemed to her to be much more beautiful than she was. She looked at herself and she did not like what she saw. At first, she tried to improve herself. She did more of this and did less of that. She bounced frequently from one attempt at self-help to another, but nothing improv

What is Seen

Oh Yahweh, when people look at me You’re the only thing I want them to see And though I’m not “perfect,” Your Power to redeem Ensures the completion of what You have dreamed Oh Yahweh, when I look at the world I only want to see your glory unfurled And every time I open my eyes All I want to see is the power of Christ I know it’s establishing Your True creation But sometimes I long so for manifestation And all that we’ve longed for and call now to be Is all now and only what I want to see Because in Reality You’re all that is Without you nothing can really exist And I’m tired of fighting the lies that are not I want to see only Your Truth and Your Love Whatever the choices that others do make I want to see your glory awake And whatever the lies that the enemy speaks I want only to hear Your Word and Your Spirit For I know it’s possible to undo the fall You’ve come back and redeemed it all I live in Heaven while here on the Earth

Election Day 2016

As I watch society's values slowly move away from mine I must ask, where is my hope aligned What is hidden is now being made sight But greater visions must still come to light Do I trust in chariots and in swords  Or do I have faith in Yahweh's True Word Do I trust in a system always destined to fail Or do I know Yahweh's vision will always prevail Yahweh's Truth can't be altered, it cannot be touched  Only His will won't falter and shall be enough So in faith I will press on no matter what comes Because I live in a Kingdom that's already won There's more freedom in Christ than in any one nation And it cannot end due to any election So no matter what happens at the end of the day I will rest in the peace and the will of Yahweh.