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Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken, I am awakening your mind to new foundations in the skies And you will see new things; you will see Me in new ways It is time for a new thing, time to awaken There is a power flowing from this moment, Drawing all things into it, You have been moving toward it for a long time, But now it is time to awaken your mind, The moment lies clearly in front of you now, And you resonate with its infinite power, As you are drawn into it, you’ll be pushed out And you will ascend higher than you could have dreamed This moment will change your direction, The trajectory of your life will be altered by this moment in time The sheer power of this moment will project you in speed and passion That you did not heretofore know Awaken, awaken, awaken, Hear the calling within you, the power within you Become One with the power within you, With this moment you’re drawn to For moments have power, too, And when the power of the m

The Stirring of the Prophets

The prophets are stirring tonight As old and new mix together And all things become One Behold! I tell you a new thing, one that has never been seen before And has not yet been spoken of A Light shines in the darkness, and a voice cries in the wilderness, All wastelands shall become green again, and the desolate places made new I am awakening a people who will hear My voice and heed My calls, They shall cry out with Me and amplify My sound, Resonating with My heartbeat They shall magnify My light until it can be seen throughout the ages and amplify My sound until it can be heard throughout the nations Behold! All things are made new, And what was once hidden is now being revealed to the apostles and the prophets, An old manifestation is rising up again, and the things that were covered in darkness are now being shown as in a spotlight The world will reckon with and recognize what is coming out of this place and time Tonight I shall make an offering, a choice set

I Let Go in Hope

The Promise given unto me, yes set into my cradle The life I foresee coming from this seed The gift of glory to reveal as Yahweh is full able To bring about all He has Promised me So precious is this life to me that I purpose to guard it, Choosing now to give it all my time, My faith and all the resources I have will now uphold it For I submit to Yahweh’s grand design When trials and circumstances come to rob me of my Promise, I will not allow them to hold sway, For I have faith and strength to fully give my Father honor And believe in every Promise that He’s made The winds do blow and fires rage trying to steal my purpose, And though they buffet everything I am, I wrap myself around the seed, keeping it safe and harmless For that’s the value that I to the Promise give Though the pain is indescribable as I burn for my Promise, I know that it is worth every cost, For it would hurt me so much more not to have this Promise, And if in darkness


It's so interesting to read something I wrote a year ago and see the seeds of the Revelation I have now planted there, To be able to trace over time The Path that Yahweh has shown me and through which He has grown me To see the seeds of Infinity in words upon a page, And I wonder what seeds are in me now, And what they will look like when they come to full fruition, How they will blossom and bloom And completely change my life and the lives of those around me, How they will make all things new and better and more Real Because Yahweh is in them, in me Even now, And oh the marvel and glory at how He chooses to plant His seeds, The perfection of growth, That all circumstances must come together perfectly for fruition, Sunlight, good soil, pure water, Truth, Spirit, Faith, All mixing as One to produce the perfect conditions for Harvest, And even the process is its own beautiful creation, That the product is its own beauty, but the process another, A double port