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They committed adultery When they chose theology And departed from Yahweh By separating themselves from themselves By standards, laws, and regulations Instead of the perfection of love, They chose a semblance of righteousness That required them to hurt others, To devalue others, To see less of Yahweh in others, To not allow others to be themselves, But instead require conformity to a set of external laws That they did not even originate And which were never meant to be for everyone And as the separated themselves from themselves, They lost the divine in those whom they called “Not my people,” Showing them no mercy, They cut off and killed the expressions of those Who were not considered worthy, Not knowing the whole time That they were murdering their brothers And ostracizing kin But one day they shall grow beyond the lower expressions, The silly rules and regulations that they hold around them as righteousness, They shall see the

The Strong Ant

Once upon a time there was an ant who had to carry a boulder. The boulder was sitting atop a treasure that the ant could see, but not reach. Something within the ant yearned for this treasure; he valued it so much. He wanted to lift the boulder. But one single ant cannot life an entire boulder. So the ant went to his friends, gathered them together, and told them of the treasure he knew was beneath the boulder. He knew that his fellow ants were expert carriers, for he had seen them carrying pebbles and big rocks. Surely, he thought, they would be strong enough to lift the boulder together! The other ants listened to the first ant tell the story of the treasure beneath the boulder, and they began to get excited at the idea of partaking of the treasure themselves. And so they agreed with the first ant that the boulder should be lifted. Some ants did nothing more than agree, but others volunteered to help lift the boulder themselves, for they knew that a single ant could not lif