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Awakening to Recognition

Nothing ever affected me. Everything was the same. Or maybe It wasn't.  Maybe it's just that I never noticed Through the haze that, though I thought nothing affected me, Everything did.  And maybe I tried to block it out. To shelter myself from the pain. To hide from rejection or sadness  Or suffering or shame.  Because that's all I expected Life to be.  But it isn't.  And now that I have eyes to see  Nothing is the same. There is So much meaning and life And unlimited glory to find! But To see it I must change my mind and Be free to look again.  To know. To recognize .  And recognition blooms like a flower Long hidden beneath the ground. It Had always been there, burgeoning With potential and promise.  The promise of the Name.  And now, after years of careful cultivation, It is finally ready to emerge from the cushioning cocoon that held the unsafe protection And kept the flower down. That would

Seeds of Creation

Create in me Your own desire A passion deep within  Alight in me Your zealous fire  A burning, eager vim.  Plant this seed and cultivate Watch it bloom and grow Until it is its ultimate: Another seed to sow.  The seed in me becomes a seed To plant in all the world A single acorn: a forest of trees, It's potential is fulfilled.  And when the forest is full grown Creation it will fill And Yahweh's glory will be known And every heart will swell.  Every heart will swell to encompass the glory of Yahweh that, as He is infinite and entire, we will also be. 

Recognize the Promise

See what I’ve sent before Know it again Kindle the spark Of recognition. Burst into flames Of unquenchable fire Engulfing creation My zealous desire. Acknowledge the Word The Promise I’ve sent The denizen Spirit Residing within We are united We’re One and the same I am the fire You are the flame. I am the ocean You're the drop of rain I am the Word You are My Name. You are the branches, I am the tree You are My prince I am your peace. I am the voice You are my decree I am the power Which you release. I am the knowledge You are the faith We are the creation That we create. 


Look into the mirror What do you see? Do you see a man Or do you see Me? Recognize! Recognize! See what’s right there! Remember Who You are! Remember Who you bear! Look out at creation The birds, the beasts, the land See what I have spoken? Hear what I command? Do you see disparate things? Or can you see We’re One? Recognize the Truth! Identity has come! Look up at the stars In the endless sky Do you hear My voice? Can you hear My cry? I bound Myself to you That in Me all can stand A passion burns inside To redeem My land. How can I give a gift If no one can receive? But how can one receive Unless they can SEE? So look into the mirror Can you recognize? I’m alive within you! The Spirit deep inside. 


Remember The vision of the glory That you have seen Is true. The vision of who I’ve called you to be Is you. The memory of Heaven That you once walked in You knew. The promise that I Sent out to the earth Is for you. That I’m one with you Forever is not a question Here I am. Embrace me.