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No Trespassing

Not my circus, not my monkeys Not my metron, not my judgie When it's not my place to speak From this burden I am free But in my metron, I have power Before the enemy I won't cower My judgement will be sure and swift And I will tell him how it is!

Prayer for America

The news foretells doom, despair, and dismay Violence, division, and sorrow It says that America's well on its way To falling to powers of darkness But I see the light and I want to remind My country of the heights it attained Yahweh still has a plan for this, His own land In America there is fruit that remains So I will not bow to the media's lies I will not cower or fear I will remember the Word Yahweh spoke Through those who built this nation here He wanted a country that would seek His heart That would show people prosperity He wanted a place that would His Truth impart So other nations, too, could be free He established a country on this Promised Land So that His Promised Kingdom could grow And here seeds of Promise were long ago planted That one day a Harvest would show The media says the American dream Is no longer available to us That crippling debt and lawless extremes Have crushed His Promise to dust But there are still people here, proud

Heart of a Writer

I want to write! I want to process the things that have happened, I want to discover Yahweh in the midst of it all I want to worship Him for He is still good and He is still God. I want to write! I want to lay out my thoughts in an orderly fashion So that I can make sense of them all I want to listen to Yahweh and discover His revelation For He is still good and He is still God. I want to write! I want to inscribe the Truth in immutable form I want to read it again later when I'm tempted to forget I want to leave behind a legacy for future generations To read and discover Him, too. I want to write! I want to live! I want to be worship and praise to my God! I want to show all that He is who He is And that in Him nothing can ever be lost. I want to write! And oh! My God is so wonderful because He calls me to do the very thing that is in my heart to do But of course He does, For He placed it there Himself. I want to write! So I write. I worship Yahweh as