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The Tenth Leper

Once there was a leper Whose life was surely hell He walked in a world that wouldn’t Allow him therein to dwell Until one day he was walking Along a dusty road And He met the Messiah Who made him to be whole There were nine other lepers Who were all healed too But this tenth leper was the only one Who seemed to have a clue “Oh thank you dear Messiah!” And at His feet he fell “Arise and go your way,” He said “Your faith has made you well.” But this was just one leper And there were many more Who thought that they were surely Beating down death’s door Many people cried And healing they demanded But would they give their lives As was so commanded? But those of us who Will our lives sacrifice Can rest in assurance that He’ll make everything right “Oh thank you dear Messiah!” Each of our hearts will swell “Arise and go your way,” He’ll say “Your faith has made you well.” I remember when I lived in

The Infinite Loop

I am Infinity Anchored in a soul Anchored in a body Anchored in generations Anchored in a Tree By its roots, anchored in the land Which is anchored in the Earth Anchored in the sun, Which anchors the solar system That is anchored in our galaxy Anchored in a universe That is anchored in Infinity Who is Yahweh And He is in me.