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The Great Unknown

Called into the Great Unknown Given liberty to reign and roam Exploring Yahweh, God my home, And overwhelmed by all I’m shown Yet, Yahweh is all that there is And I have always wanted Him Wanted to see His fullest grace Exploring all of time and space And they Way is ever moving, Progressing still, and I am choosing To press into what I’ve never known Though in doing so I lose control I’ve always known there would be more, Great oceans lay beyond the shore, But never in my wildest dreams Could I imagine all I’ve seen And yet within Reality Lies little confused, wondrous me Though I’m not sure what else I’ll see I know Yahweh and thus I can be And so I come now ever forward Pressing in to Yahshua the Word In Unity, I’ll see what I’ve heard It’s time to stand and create a new world. 

Global Day of Prayer

Hear, oh World, Yahweh our God is One Live, oh world, and glory as the son For we exist in Unity and all we really are Is Yahweh God Almighty, an expression of His heart So now I speak we’ve eyes to see That Yahweh is all there is That we recall Reality And thus forever live We call forth now Reality Only ever Yahweh And infinite-eternity Here and now in Today Oh mighty rivers bring forth Truth From anointed, holy Trees That with Life’s water are imbued And are caressed by Heaven’s breeze Oh manifest, Reality See and now be seen As we exist in Unity And the glory that Heaven brings Heaven’s Truth and Purity Now offered to people of faith Come oh men and let us see And know and then partake Drinking the depths of ocean’s gifts Of Reality’s way of being Receiving a Life that shall ever be lived And which all the world is seeing Perpetual blessing, perpetual Truth Perpetual glory and peace Forever in all that the F

Knowing Reality

Oh why doesn’t knowing Reality mean that you only experience Reality? How can something be so Real and so True And yet so far away from me? And how can everything that I See Be so different than what I see? And what choices lay in front of me? Do I accept Reality Or submit myself to what I see? Do I choose to stand on the Word that I heard with faith Or do I follow the well-trod path and decide that what I sense with my ears, eyes, and body must be more Real than Him? Is there anything but Yahweh? No! Yahweh is all that there is! So I must let go of my experiences, my senses, my very understanding of the world and somehow receive Reality, trusting that even if I don’t know how to experience Reality, Reality will embrace me Just as He always has before.