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Eternal Life

My heart beats with a passion The rhythm of the hills The wind blows with a fury It's never standing still I move on with a frenzy Blowing across time I dance here in a corner Letting the light shine But I know that the flow is coming And I know that the waters roar And I know that the day surrounds me Like it never did before And stand here in Your Presence Where I never used to be And I find You waiting And you whisper to me Shine on, My love, for I have made you a light Let's go, let's run, let's leave all fears behind And you'll see the visions that I've laid out for you And I'll see My glory as the visions come true And the wind blows across the face Of the land that You made From the tops of the mountains To the depths of the lakes And all around the universe Throughout all space and time We can hear the echoing Of the Words of Your design And I stand here in Your Presence Where I will forever live And I wait here f


A sound It begins softly at first, A whisper, a lullaby, born on a breeze And then it grows louder A wave on the shore, a heartbeat The sound of your blood rushing through your ears A CRASH! It's positively resounding Your head vibrates with the frequency of That sound, that voice It started as a whisper But it grew And it grows still Like a plant in the Earth that started as a seed But is now a mighty oak tree Like a savings account stewarded faithfully As month by month something was added unto it Like knowledge, fearfully and wonderfully gained Through painful experience and exquisite delights. It grew, this sound Into a mighty rushing wind, A tempest And then, then it crescendoed until it was so loud Your whole body thrummed in time with the rhythm of the vibrations Your heart beat in sync with this sound, this word, this voice And it is all you are and all you can hear and you throb With the sound until you think you will vibrate Shake Right off of