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Happy Birthday Yahweh: Every Day

(Look at my first Christmas present this morning!) Come and celebrate with Me, Let us dance and sing, Come and celebrate my birth, Come watch me be King. Assemble here to honor Me, Give me glorious praise, Create in you a place for Me, To dwell in every day. Happy Birthday, Yahweh, Let creation celebrate, For Yahweh, our creator, Has come to us to create. In each of our hearts, Yahweh is born That we carry Him in the world In each of our hearts, Yahweh creates The priceless, glorious pearl. So let us celebrate again The Creator Yahweh God He creates in hearts of men That all creation see again The glorious majesty of Him Who is the living One. For I was not born on Christmas, but am born each day in the hearts of my faithful sons. 

Tree of Life

I stand atop the tree of life And I will not climb down I will not enter the world of strife I will not look around. I like the view from way up here Beyond all trouble and toil I have the right perspective now I shan’t labor in the soil. For I am freed from the curse That came from the tree of lies I’ve been redeemed and cleansed I’ve submitted to the fire. So I shall stand above it all Atop the tree of life And I shall see what Yahweh sees In order to bring light. 


There is an evil tree That sprung up inside When forefather Adam Chose the path of pride The tree spoke of evil, the tree spoke of good And it separated us as it never should It cut off creation from that which was life And filled up our heads with terrible lies. In each man the tree of knowledge must fall You can have good and evil Or you can have Yahweh So lay axe to the root, Pluck off every leaf Strip off each branch, Each fruit that deceives. Dig down to make sure That no root remains That tree shall not grow In this heart again. I am not evil, I am not good, I go beyond that To where freedom stood Of the tree of knowledge I shall not imbibe Instead I drink deeply From the tree of life. The tree of existence The tree of being The tree that keeps going In spite of the pain The tree that lifts creation Up to new heights, Yes, I drink the water From the tree of life. And faith is the cup I

I Want to See so All Can See

For one open eye opens another.   And one open door unlocks many keys One act of faith produces a brother One single choice brings someone what they need One vision of life brings joy to creation One burning candle a bright light to shine One heart of hope can save a whole nation One life to live, Christ personified.   

The Key of Seeing

Faith is the key. It unlocks the door, opens it wide It frees the mind, unclouds the eye That all might see and enter in To Yahweh’s glorious places. It floods the heart, the Spirit Man With everything that is I AM And we can know To enter home And look on Yahweh’s faces. It sets our sights upon that shore That seemed so far the night before But now is here Drawing us near In enveloping embraces. And we arise as one who cries Who calls the far and calls the wide And we can grow And knowing, know To person Yahweh’s graces. 


The faith is the water. It makes the fire bearable. It keeps The fire from burning us utterly So that, instead of being useless ash, We are refined beauty. The more fire we have, The more water we need, The more faith we produce as We keep building and building and building It up so that, When the next wave of heat comes We are ready. The seed of the word Must be watered with fire And faith And it must have deep roots To reach to the deep underground wellspring Of living water that can protect The plant that breaks through the ground From being dried out by the fire And becoming brittle and without hope. But the fire burns And the water heals And together they Make us Whole. Because without fire, There is no water Yes, without fire There is no need for Faith.