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A Song of Praise for the Promise Received

Somehow it was hidden, veiled then from my sight I did not know the splendor that was rightfully mine I thought that I was lonely, deserving just to die But Yahweh came back for me and offered me His Life So I died to things of fear, the horror and the lies I received what Yahweh offered and He opened up my eyes I see now with a vision that's beyond all space and time In certainty I walk now as the Truth I recognize But oh, there was a time when I did not understand When I was lost and lonely, afraid of my Father's hand Yet He was ever patient, the most gentle and kind He was willing to wait for my faith to make Him mine And when I did believe Him, He rushed in with a force He took me up to be with Him, altering my life's course For now I walk the path that He and I always designed My life and Promised purpose in the dance of the divine In unity we authored and in unity we walk Our partnership is Promised and nothing can us stop Together we're crea

To Quiet the Soul

My soul agitates within me The bright lights and distractions of Babylon glitter all around me The sorrows of the world rage And people wonder what it's all about The illusion surges, pounding at the door to my mind To my heart Bidding entry once more And I find that it's hard to deny it entrance When all around me are illusion's exhibits Fully in the grip of the illusion's curse Are the people I love and with whom I must work Yet I have seen greater, much greater things My soul agitates, longing to walk in the fullness of Reality For I know better than to believe illusion Why must I fight the lies and confusion? Did I forget that I have all the power In my little universe, submitted to God? Did I not remember that Yahshua said "It is finished" That it was, in fact, finished before time ever began That the finished work and completion is woven in to every fiber of every being in all of creation That the center of the Promise is filled w

To My Past Self

Thank you, For the times when you felt like giving up and dying When you spent all night alone crying When you didn't think you could make it You held on, hoping you'd not be forsaken You persevered through the trials and pain Through all of the enemy's lying and ways When you thought that there would never be better in life You did not let go or choose then to die Though you weren't sure of all the reasons for which you were fighting Though it felt like you fought it all alone in the night Though you didn't always know how to continue You never gave up, you had faith to make things new And now you have come to the Promise of God The place where you were always meant to belong You have come to a knowing of just who you are And who you've always been, in spite of it all And you see with a vision beyond human eyes You know greater measure of your glorious life But only because she was faithful to see To hold on to the Promise beyond wildest

A Prayer for My Students

Talking with two young girls who remind me of me Both so beautiful and special, yet neither can really see Dealing with crises that were never theirs to own And sometimes I know that they feel so alone And I wish I could show them who they really are But that can only be found in the heart of our God So I demonstrate the love He has stored up for them And hope they’ll come to realize that it’ll never end Because they’ve been told all their lives that they don’t matter Unless they act and respond in a certain manner And I see the pain that it’s causing their heart I remember too well what it’s like in the dark But Yahweh is redemption and He can show them love They will know completion and that they are just enough To please Him and bring Him such joy through their lives So this is my prayer for them: that this Truth they’d realize Meanwhile I continue to walk on the other side I show them that it is possible to know this joy in life For I wa

When You Met Me By Moonlight

I was simply walking in the silence of the night The snow was gently falling all around me The frozen drops upon the ground sparkled in the light That in the darkness had finally found me I was not even looking up, but hurried on my way To a destination where I was going You did stop and arrest me in the motions that I made Drawing me into a place of knowing Then I stopped and looked up to the sky to see the shining stars This notion I was not alone did linger Then You came and whispered there into my very heart And touched my forehead with your holy finger You met me in the moonlight and You brought me forth to day You showed me more than I could see without You And once I saw Your tapestry, I did begin to weave That all the visions shown to me would be True But in the frenzy of creating, sometimes I must be still Returning to the place where You did meet me Standing in the silence there of my own special world Waiting in the moonlight fo

The Importance of Seeing

Eyes are buckets on a well string Drawing forth the water of life As you see the vision clearly You’ll be able to imbibe Life’s a river ‘neath the surface We can sense but not partake Until we draw forth to fruition By our holy, righteous faith So stoke the fire, ready buckets For the dam’s about to break It is time to see the fullness Time to operate in grace Time to take from below, reaching To the full manifestation On the surface to flow freely A gift of life to all the nations Life’s a wellspring never drying Never dark or running out There’s no end to what we’ll find When we’ve the faith to draw it out Then established on the surface, We’ll find more still to intake And we’ll share in holy purpose As with Yahweh we life make.