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Ode to Words

I love words, how they form worlds How each word has a world of meaning inside I love How the Hebrew word for heart Leb Sounds like a heartbeat And the Name of Yahweh Sounds like a breath I love How the root word of Identity Means "oneness" Because only in being One with Yahweh Can we know who we truly are I love how the Spanish word For butterfly Mariposa Rolls off the tongue And flies away in the air with a flit of its wings Just like the creation it describes And it leaves behind an impression of beauty After it has flown I love how words can take on new meaning While still preserving the old How legit sounds so new And legitimate so old But both have to do with righteousness, Meaning "lawfully begotten" at the root. I love how sound and meaning Come together in a word To create a new thing, a good thing When words are used properly. The sheer power of creation Overwhelming in its ability Living inside my mouth, on my tongue