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Do You Want to Go to the Office?

To the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (for my students) Do You Want to Go to the Office? Do you want to go to the office? Or will you get to work? We’ve got some learning to do now It’s classwork time, c’mon don’t be a jerk. We used to be best buddies, but now we’re not You’re getting on my last nerve! Do you want to go to the office? Or you can behave and stay out of the office You decide. Do you want to go to the office? Or do you want to stay and learn Be a productive member of our class Get skills that last, and my respect you’ll earn We could work together, or we could not And in the office they’ll make you cry Do you want to go to the office? Or you can be good and stay out of the office You decide. Listen can you hear me? I am talking to you You’ve been making some bad decisions now But you can change how Your behavior makes me think of you You can sit in the office until the bell rings Watching

I Eschew All Doubt!

I wake up feeling low, like I could do no right The candle's burning dimly, can't illuminate the night All mistakes and guilt swirling in my mind I just want to feel like I'm enough this time And so I ask myself What have I ever done to make you hate me so? Why do you not think I'm worth defending? Yeah, it's getting better, but sometimes I feel low Like I'm not worth the price Yahweh is spending Then I hear a voice, a whisper in my mind It says I made the choice to leave my life behind To put my faith in Yahweh and every Word He speaks And just because I do this, I become complete And the voice replies You have never done anything to make me hate you so. You're worth defending I died for you, you know I have faith in you, in all that you will be Simply because you've put your faith in Me. I don't for one second regret dying for you In you I've placed all Heaven, that you I can shine through You will be my glory, you are


In a world where the blind lead the blind What responsibility have those of us with sight Can we choose to settle back and in the shadows hide Or shall we stand in front of crowds and let Yahweh's light shine? In a world unable to hear, can we show the way Allowing Yahweh's spirit to lead, lighting the path each day Or will we in the darkness cower, afraid we're not enough Not knowing that it's Yahweh's power working in and through us? But I will stand, though my knees tremble, knowing this to be true How can one to whom light's given keep the light from you? And how could I, loving my Father, and knowing what He's done Keep from Him the joy He saw when He gave his firstborn Son? So now it's time to step on out, no longer in shadows to hide No longer will I walk in doubt and hide the light inside For I have more than many people, the Word of Yahweh in me, And in showing it to these many people, I give them grace to see.