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I Know Why Creation Sings!

I know why the brook babbles flowing over rocks I know why the wind whistles through trees I know why birds sing flying in great flocks I know why creation sings! I know why cats purr, I know why babies coo I know why there's a sound for everything we do I know why dogs bark and wolves howl at the moon All creation sings for joy: Yahshua's coming soon! Every breath, every blink, every heartbeat cries All of Yahweh's creation as a witness testifies And yet who sings louder than I, for I join this symphony All creation sings as One in perfect harmony. 

Stolen, Recovered

It started as a whisper, but soon became a shout A shout that was heard throughout the ages “Yahweh doesn’t love you, hasn’t given you all things Everything you need for generations.” Because the first lie wasn’t that you would be like gods That you would have the wisdom of the Father The first lie was implicit in that statement above: That we weren’t like Yahweh, that we were “other.” But we didn’t have to eat of the fruit to be like God We didn’t have to partake of that tree Because we always were One with Yahweh God And how could we be more like Him than this? But they believed the lie, the man and woman both And when they took the fruit of separation They brought about the curse that all creation knows And with the axe of lies brought condemnation. And thousands upon thousands of years had come and gone And people born in every generation Never realized what had truly been lost Because the enemy brought separation. But


What an honor to be Abraham Chosen before time To build a mighty nation That dwells in grace sublime. What an honor to be David Chosen to be king To bring Yahweh’s will To Israel And all the psalms to sing. What an honor to be Mary Chosen to bear Christ A simple girl That heard the Word And brought the world new life. What an honor to be me Chosen of my God To be brought into righteousness That I will not be lost. And what an honor to be chosen To bring into Creation What Yahweh hoped for Longed to bring Through this generation. 

Revelation 22:20

He who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming quickly." Amen. Even so, come Lord Yahshua! Revelation 22:20 I was thinking A while ago How much easier it would be If I could only see See what Yahweh says about Creation. How much easier it would be To know how it will be To take the joy that comes through Revelation. And how much nicer It would be If everyone could see What Yahweh has spoken About the world And if all creation’d know What Yahweh says is so If righteousness could flow And glory could unfurl. But how can people see Unless reality Comes and manifests in all creation? And how can people know The truth that Yahweh shows Unless somebody first Gives them Revelation? And oh! How can it be? That Yahweh’s chosen me To be the one through whom His light will shine? The weight of the whole world On the shoulders of a girl… But He’s my strength And His rest is mine!


Did the sun rise today? Good, Yahweh is faithful. I am only asked to stand in faith On days in which the sun has risen. Are there stars in the sky? Good, Yahweh is faithful. I am only asked to stand in faith When the stars are in the sky. Did Yahweh speak a Word? Good, Yahweh is faithful. I am only asked to stand On the Word that He has spoken And has, undoubtedly, Already brought to pass. I am only asked to stand  on the faith that is The fullness of Yahweh,  Who Is Faithful.