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Lights shine from the windows of an empty house And this is more than I had before But there is more that I'm waiting for A home Yahweh has for me in store.  Home is where a Father is Protecting and loving all His kids Reigning over those who're His Keeping safe and inviting in Home is where the Father loves Where He says, "You are enough." Where you are secure in enormous hugs Sheltered and covered around and above. Something I've never had before And oh how my heart has longed for more Yet when I enter my front door A dog awaits and nothing more. Where is my Father, my home to be? Where can I rest and learn to see? Where can I feel safe, secure, and free? Why is no home reserved for me? But Yahweh has greater than I've ever known He waited to give me a home that's His own More glorious than houses or palatial thrones Yahweh made me His son and through me He shone. For what I don't have is not

How Beautiful is the Process...

Growing up brings growing pains Yet within the process, lies the miraculous Only through maturity can a seed become A flower, Can a flower go to seed again And populate a whole field Only through maturity can A self-centered, uninspired youth Become a responsible adult who Can take care, not only of himself, But can change the next generation Only through maturity can You and I go from worrying only about ourselves, Striving only to be accepted To taking the power of Yahweh inside of us And becoming a part of the ultimate redemption Which Yahshua initiated, which Yahshua completed Which Yahshua held out to us and said, "Would you like to create with me?" Only through maturity can the fall become redemption, Can that which was broken be made whole again The person grows, the mind expands, And what is gives way to what was, What was always meant to be From the Beginning Only through maturity can we come full circle, Making our way through sometime