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Riches of Righteousness

The riches of righteousness belong to me A gift from my Father so I can see Beyond the horizon to spiritual things And walk in the authority of His Name The riches of righteousness give me the grace To move in the Earth and changes its face To bring Yahweh's Kingdom here again To promote truth and justice, and light without end The riches of righteousness set me free From striving to do, think, say, or be Anything more than I already am, A faithful son at my Father's command. The riches of righteousness are now mine So I can participate in the dance divine So I may, with Yahweh, partner and partake Of His divine nature for His divine sake. I walk in the riches of righteousness now But I did not do it, so don't ask me how I simply trust Yahweh; My Father can't lie And so I will live, even though I must die. The riches of righteousness are totally free But they did require everything of me I gave up what was dying to obtain forever And now I fi

I Do Not Have to Do Anything

I do not have to do anything And it doesn't make any sense, can't explain How Yahweh approves, doesn't need any exploits How His love is true, an unending refrain I don't understand, then, what makes me important Why must I do anything then at all? But out of the belly flows waters that are living And mighty rivers come from sources so small Out of the being comes life everlasting Out of the life comes agreeable truths That Yahweh my God is not really asking Anything of me but to be and He'll do So if I will be, He will flow from me strongly For I am the belly, He the water of life So I need not fear doing rightly or wrongly When He's only called me to stand forth and shine And if Him I trust to be just and do rightly Then I need not fear messing up or to fail Because He is God and His light's shining brightly In me and I know that His Word will prevail.