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The Greatest Above These

If I have a loving family--a devoted husband, And well-behaved children Maybe a pet or two In a nice cozy house, But have not Yahweh, I have nothing. If I have a rewarding job where I make a difference, Have a future, and good benefits, A nice salary with options, And a convenient location, But have not Yahweh, I lack all. If I have all the things--a big house and car, Vacations every year, All the latests conveniences, And money to spare But have not Yahweh, I am only temporarily enjoying what can never last. Yahweh is righteousness, Yahweh is joy He is peace, love, and the light in the darkness Yahweh is everything! The first and the last, everlasting to everlasting Yahweh never fails! But where people are fickle and things disappear, this One thing remains Always there is Yahweh, the Greatest Above Anything.

Wise Men

How far did the Wise Men travel Over desert, mountain, sea? How much did they spend To outfit their caravans, And purchase the gifts three? How long did it take them to come? A year or two at least. To find the Child that was prophesied To be the King of Kings? These men who studied and found In books that He was to come Could they do more Than those of us Whose spirits have been awakened? Could we give up years of our lives Or everything we own Making enemies of other men To see Christ in the full? But I will lay my life down Like the wisest kings of old Like the drummer boy who gave his toy To the One who deserves all. And I will live my life For the glory of my God For He is all And more than that: Greater than words can say in a poem.

Glory that Excels

When your Father asks something of you You comply When He says "Let this go," You let it die When He asks you once again To let Him come deeper in You say "Yes and Amen" And welcome life. When your God says, "I am faithful," You believe When He says, "You are capable," You agree. When He says, "It's time to go," You stand and you know That it's time for deeper flow And say, "Watch me fly!" When your King says, "Come and worship," You enter in. When He says, "I am worth it," You simply grin For that you always knew Deep inside of you This immutable truth In day and night. When Yahweh says, "It's time," You say, "I'm ready." When He calls you out to shine You don't hesitate For His Word is what will be So now everyone can see The glory that He brings: Everlasting light.