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I am a steward, this isn't mine I'm a representative of the divine I haven't the power to change anything Only to trust that Yahweh redeems So Yahweh, today, I let go of it all It's not mine to cause to rise or to fall But I am a conduit through which you flow I'll be the light that all may know Yahweh is glorious! Yahweh is pure! When Yahweh says something the outcome is sure And this is a process for Him to redeem Everything that is seen or unseen. So though I must into Babylon go, I will not begin to think of things so I will not take on a corrupted mindset But rather I'll walk in the Truth that's been said. The Word and the Spirit, they keep me pure To walk alone's something I'll never endure I love and trust Yahweh He loves and trust me And so I'll keep going And be totally free.

Set the Captives Free!

Sometimes I feel I’m running in a giant marathon And I get really tired and wonder how I can go on But when they say, “Just one more step,” I know that they are right One single step of faith is all I need to win the fight. I look out at corruption and weep at what I see This was never what Yahweh desired it to be This place where days can feel as tiring as a marathon Babylon where things have gone so disgustingly wrong. And yet there is a truth that is beyond all that I see A God who says “Yes, Creation’s coming back to me.” Yahweh who has sent the Christ to set the captives free Yahweh who has promised every good thing to redeem. He has a perfect plan in place beyond what I can see All I can do is trust Him and allow Him to set free And yet sometimes I wonder, for can it truly be That Yahweh’s perfect plan was to send imperfect me? Well what else could it be but truth, for this resides in me: Omnipotence, omniscience, and in

Beyond the Times

There are times when I forget What it is I fight But I can never forget The fact that I am light! But sometimes it still feels awful What I now see out there What makes me think that I can do it? How can I even care? Because it costs so much to bleed for them To cry the tears for that Which was subjected to chaos When Adam chose the lack. It costs so much to cry for them  Who lose their homes in pain For children who should never live In things I see them in. And what can I do for them? I'm only one person, me. And all I do is never enough Because there's only one of me. Though I stay and work and fight They don’t appreciate What it’s really like Opening the gate. Yet how can I complain? What would I rather do? Live in illusion Or walk in truth? To whom much is given Much is required And Yahweh Himself Redeems my desires. There are times it's really hard To remember who I am


What used to be. What is.


Well it sure didn’t look like much. What was he talking about? The watch was old, sure, but worse, it was one of those pocket watches that nobody ever used anymore. The brass covering of the watch was dented and stuck, so the thing didn’t even open to tell you the time, which was, after all, the whole reason the watch existed. And this was all she got. All that her father had left her. A beat up, dented, worn old pocket watch. Great. She kicked the ground in front of her with her boot, knowing that it was a silly thing to do but wanting to vent her frustrations on the world. Other people’s fathers left them large inheritances. Things they could actually use. Or at least sell to make money. What in the world had her father been thinking? Even she had more sense than that. She held the watch in her gloved hand, her breath making pictures in the air in front of her. She stood near the bus stop, but not too near. She didn’t want anyone else to talk to her, and the b