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The Stars of Fate

Freewill and sovereignty oppose and we’re not sure of all we know As we attempt to navigate this life But I’ve a view some steps above, so I can see the shape of Love As by my faith my vision is made sight And I’m subject to the stars of fate, but I’m the one who chose their place Partnering in spirit and in truth With He who made us who we are, now I’m creator of the stars And together We make all things absolute Walking on a path that’s straight, I can seem to hesitate I’m not sure of what I don’t understand For I’ve complete freewill and choice, but sovereignty still has a voice And my life’s path has already been planned But if I ascend above the Tapestry, beyond a single Thread I’ll see How choice and sovereignty are really One For before time We made Our choices and yet right here in this moment We alter works that have always been done Now as the maker of the stars, I can attest to where We are As I bend and submit to Holy Will Who

Faith is Not a Battle Tool

Faith is not a battle tool, Love is not an option Yahweh’s Word does not need proof But it will always cost Him Choice to make the worlds that are Dying lets us be And We shall manifest Our Heart So Our worlds can be seen Faith lets us lay down Our Lives Courage so to make Worlds of neverending Light As they of Us partake The great exchange of give and take As Life now comes from death This is why We need such faith; From battles we can rest.