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I joy am Free I am I am me Identity I am free Me I am Joy am I.


The universe One heart, one place We are all complete. One nation, birthing, life, face. Yahweh: truth and peace. One mind, one joy One soul, one being One body, one light to shine One for all, for all is One Creation identified.


I want protection I want peace I want you to value me I want to have everything I want to be a central being I never want to be rejected I so want to be accepted I don't ever want to feel pain I won't go through that again I'll just do what's comfortable I'm the reason you'll never be Full. ~Self I am joy and I am peace I'm the only way to be free I am faith and I am trust I am righteous I am just To reach me, all self must die There's no way for it to hide For if self is left behind Fullness will not dwell inside When self is dead, joining's complete Being One is truly everything Needs suddenly cease to be I am all you'll ever need. ~Oneness


Sometimes I am tempted to question Yahweh What are you doing with my life? But then I remember this I shouldn’t say This life I live isn’t really mine. I gave it to Him a long time ago And it will be His forever He paid for it dearly for He loves me so He counts me a precious treasure. I trust You, Yahweh, I can walk this out For you have not left me alone I WILL walk in faith, I will have no doubt I know you are leading me home. So I will hold on to the Truth which I know The truth that’s woven into this poem On the other side I will look back with pride Grateful that I could keep going. 


It's Not What You Feel, But What You Know Sometimes I feel that I am being chopped into thousands of little pieces stroke by stroke with one sharp, two-edged sword But more importantly, I know You’ll put me back together again. Sometimes I feel that I am being held underwater so long that I will drown before I can get one more breath But more importantly, I know You are the Breath of Life in me. Sometimes I feel that I can’t walk even one more step, and that to try will make me fall to the floor But more importantly, I know Your Word is to keep going. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do this anymore But more importantly, I know it’s already done. 


The life in a seed The currents in an ocean The wind in the leaves The glory in the chosen. It's the purpose in a dream The whisper in a promise The joy in the peace The Christ that is in us. It's the rest in the battle The faith in a word The voice in the darkness Bringing light to the world. The victory in silence The Truth that's redeemed The joy set before Him The reason for being. The treasure within These vessels of Earth The inherent redemption From that which was cursed. The garden of Eden That great promised land The ability to walk with Yahweh Hand in hand. Heaven and Earth Together as One. The universe in one heart The bride that says "Come!" The Creator placed value In His creation "Evaluate us, Yahweh! Let it be not masked by sin!" Inherent and internal It's always been there We manifest our own value The Christ which we bear.


How strange that The more I think I can accomplish on my own, The less I walk in omnipotence. How funny that The healthier I become, The more I recognize sickness. How odd that Though I walk through death, I've never been so alive. Or is it? Who says? Yahweh said The first shall be last And the last shall be first. Perhaps it isn't Yahweh Who's being paradoxical here. With whose perspective Are we seeing the world?

The Ministering Temple

The Ministering Temple My body The temple of Holy Spirit In which my soul and spirit Minister to Yahweh In which we commune And become One Not like in the days of law When the Presence was deadly Not like in the days of legalism But like Father and Son Sitting at a table Talking Laughing “Father, what can I do for you?” “Go.” “I will need provision.” “You already have it.” My body The temple of Holy Spirit A vehicle through which He moves The only temple that isn’t just A building with stones or wood The only temple That can, of itself, Minister. I Minister to Yahweh And we are become One. 


Periscope Past the whirlpool of exhaustion And desperation Out of the inhospitable waters of death I see. Past the fear and the sadness The anger and threats Out into life I see. Looking up at the stars In the darkened night sky A heavenly host I can see. I am not alone For this heavenly host Continuously surrounds me I see. And it’s Commander With beckoning eyes Bright luminescence I see.  A flickering gesture  For me to arise "Come up and join me." I agree. 


Sometimes, it feels like I am under millions of gallons of crushing water. The pressure is so great, I don’t know how I can bear it another moment. Breath, which is life, can seem so far away when under these waters. It is an inhospitable place, not meant for humans. And worse, when I look up, I see with distorted perception. The water blurs the view of the sky. It shimmers and undulates in meaningless patterns that make it difficult to discern Truth amidst lies. And Truth is all that can save me. All that can keep me from going down into the deep abyss, the chasm of darkness below me that does not permit light to shine. And then there is the undertow. That ever-present threatening current that is just inches below your feet. One wrong move, and it seems like you could be sucked away, out of your own control, into a whirlpool of exhaustion and desperation in which you fight, so hard, to escape but you can never seem to manage. But there is that Truth.