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The Fullness of Faith

Circumstances and experiences are not the basis of Reality For Yahweh is more than just what I can see He is all there is, ever was, or ever could be And the fullness of faith will show this Truth to me But with my faith now I can decide How big or how small do I want my Life Will I participate in the glorious prize For which Yahshua, my own Promise, died? Or will I imagine the things that can’t be Basing my Reality on what I see What I’ve felt in the past that was so real to me Must fade like the leaf on an autumnal tree And I must choose to see Reality When the diagnosis comes that you just don’t want to hear When the world all around you is cowering in fear When the pain in your own heart or body’s so “real” I must know that Yahweh’s more than what I think or feel! For Yahweh is all, everything that there is And when He hides part Himself from us in total Darkness In His infinite wisdom and mighty goodness I must trust that He’s what’


What does it say, a hundred years? What is the story of a century? How many people live and breathe Then return to realms we cannot yet see? What does it say, a decade? Ten years here and gone in a blink How does it change all you say and do? How it alters the way that you think! How our perceptions of time do change, For a child five minutes are hours And how quickly a year comes and goes again For one who has lived long in the Earth But there’s more to time than we can now see For what’s a millennium to Him Who created and lives in Eternity And is truly all that there is And how should we see all we’ve ever seen? Or should we look at it again For perhaps it is more than we’ve ever dreamed And we must stop being children.