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Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by enemies, dancing all around me Screaming Shouting into my head, into my heart In the mornings before school, And at night before bed When I can't stop thinking, can't stop thinking of all the mistakes I could make tomorrow, Remembering all the mistakes I made today, and yesterday, and the day before that one The times I screamed at kids, failed to motivate them, The times I didn't teach them anything or made them feel stupid And the enemy screams and shouts and pounds his drums In a frenzy And all I can hear is how awful I am And how I should quit and stop and leave and go And it's hard to hear the still, small, quiet voice of truth in my head, In my heart, Telling me what I've known all along, but forgot Forgot, forgot, forgot In the frenzy and pounding and screaming of the fears That tell me that I don't deserve to be here And what difference do I make anyway? But He just spoke to me yesterday, tol