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Anatomy of Trauma

One—A lifeshattering event, One that marks a place in your life indelibly into Before And After And in the moments after it happens, when you’re still dealing with the actual crisis, You feel numb and focused, Practical and maybe a little shaky, But you seem so strong because you’re getting through it, Making decisions, Choosing how you will remember this moment For the rest of your life Two—the immediate aftermath When the main crisis is past and you have time to process things From the safety of your home or a place where you have gone to rest, The reaction, When your mind and body first realize Everything that’s happened There’s shaking, There’s crying, There’s nausea, There’s a host of other symptoms that combine to tell you one thing: This is not okay Three—Shock Everything is a fog and you are not sure what time it is, what day it is, Or where you are Somehow, you manage to continue to live and perform basic human function