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Heart's Cry

I want to bask in Your glorious presence See the truth of who I am I want to dance among the heavens As I walk upon the land. I want to sing a song of glory, Experience rebirth I want to tell my Father's story Bring the Heavens to the Earth I want ot elevate my Father, To bring glory to His Name I want to share His Truth with others So that they can do the same. I want to whisper to the Father Sing praises in His ear I want to worship Him forever Not caring who else hears I have a longing deep inside me With my Father to be One I want to come out of hiding Be exposed as Yahweh's son Oh my deepest heart's desire, So fundamental to my being To always belong to Yahweh And for Him to speak to me But the longing of my heart's cry Goes deeper than this still, Beyond mere explanation And more than words can tell. The utterances within me Groans that words cannot express Voice the longing deep inside me To receive Yahweh's fullness Bu


Walking through the darkness all around Suddenly, I stop, hearing a sound My soul is screaming, "I'm going to die," Death is wrestling with my life. Responding in the darkness, I hear a voice But it's hard to make it out through all the noise. "Soul, be quiet! Die faster please So the Christ can more fully live in me." Though I cannot see with my natural eyes The eyes of faith are open wide And though I cannot, with my mind, comprehend I stand on a Rock that will not bend. Walking through the darkness, tears on my face I am still standing, for I have great faith And Yahweh's abundant, endless grace I will hold on, I shall not faint. I know on the other side my promise is waiting So I will press on, courage unabating It doesn't matter how much the fire burns It doesn't matter how much the pain hurts All that matters is the Word, the Truth in me And this Truth, though it's unseen, I can see It isn't ahead, in fro

A Love Story

What if someone loves you so much That he decided to write a whole story A great Novel to prove to you Exactly how much he loves you A story with a beautiful ending A glorious ending The most happy ending That exceeds your wildest dreams Yet was born inside his mind Dreamed up and created and laid out Just for you And what if he had the power To make this story come to life? To lay it out before you as a path for you to walk on Your life Every high and low, every mountain and valley Every twist and turn Leading you back to him And to that happy ending that is beyond Far beyond Your deepest heart's desire This is your life Yahweh's epic love story. Written just for you.

The Mirror

I look in the mirror and what do I see? What if there's something wrong with me, I do not feel pretty, I do not feel smart I do not feel worthy of love to impart I do not feel happy, I must be afraid I do not feel love, Who am I today? I look in the mirror and what do I see? Is there something so wrong with me? Why can't I fix it, what can I do? The loathing self-hatred just isn't truth. So into the mirror I will look again Look past imperfections, lies, fears, and sin Beyond all illusion I will see the Christ Who does live inside me and now gives me life. I look in the mirror and what do I see? There really is nothing wrong with me I am quite pretty, lovely, and smart I have been made worthy to receive Yahweh's heart I can be happy, I can be at peace I can be loved What a relief! For inside my mirror is my own face, A vision of Christ's inner beauty and grace, That I can receive only by Yahweh's faith A truth I can walk in, a fruit


Lights shine from the windows of an empty house And this is more than I had before But there is more that I'm waiting for A home Yahweh has for me in store.  Home is where a Father is Protecting and loving all His kids Reigning over those who're His Keeping safe and inviting in Home is where the Father loves Where He says, "You are enough." Where you are secure in enormous hugs Sheltered and covered around and above. Something I've never had before And oh how my heart has longed for more Yet when I enter my front door A dog awaits and nothing more. Where is my Father, my home to be? Where can I rest and learn to see? Where can I feel safe, secure, and free? Why is no home reserved for me? But Yahweh has greater than I've ever known He waited to give me a home that's His own More glorious than houses or palatial thrones Yahweh made me His son and through me He shone. For what I don't have is not

How Beautiful is the Process...

Growing up brings growing pains Yet within the process, lies the miraculous Only through maturity can a seed become A flower, Can a flower go to seed again And populate a whole field Only through maturity can A self-centered, uninspired youth Become a responsible adult who Can take care, not only of himself, But can change the next generation Only through maturity can You and I go from worrying only about ourselves, Striving only to be accepted To taking the power of Yahweh inside of us And becoming a part of the ultimate redemption Which Yahshua initiated, which Yahshua completed Which Yahshua held out to us and said, "Would you like to create with me?" Only through maturity can the fall become redemption, Can that which was broken be made whole again The person grows, the mind expands, And what is gives way to what was, What was always meant to be From the Beginning Only through maturity can we come full circle, Making our way through sometime

No Control

Keeping all the strings untangled, Pulling tightly on the threads Keeping feelings from being mangled Trying to stand in Yahweh's stead Juggling responsibilities People, tasks, and our metrons Nothing can fall, nothing can falter All bad things will be our fault Going crazy, keep together This simply isn't possible, something will fall, I will miss it, chaos reigns when I lose control, all the strings are getting tangled, all the feelings being hurt, all the balls I've juggled falling, rolling now across the dirt, what shall I do here in this chaos, how can I regain control, I can't bend down to pick the ball up, while trying so hard to be faithful. So I give up now, I surrender, I admit I've no control I will let the ball go rolling Trusting Yahweh to keep it whole I will rest in the arms of my Father I will give up my control I will let Him keep together What He reigns over as Lord I remember I'm the steward He's the savior, He redee

Your Ways (Praise Flow)

Yahweh, You are like chocolate after a long fast Joy after such an endless time of being sad But I have seen what it's like To have windows after living in the dark And now I see the light I am and You are Expansion after being confined Sanity after losing my mind Freedom after being locked away in the dark Faith after living in fear After loneliness, You are here And now we are one. Vision after being so blind No longer worrying all of the time Stepping into new territories Knowing You are near And now I can be me At peace with all I see Knowing You've taken it all and made it redeemed Flowing in purpose, not hiding in pain Knowing You're worth it, I'd do it again Your promises sure and always sustained I am because You are The biggest blessing I've ever known Being able to relate to You as a son Though You're so much bigger than I can perceive You've come in order to relate to me And I know that You love me And I know You ar


Oh! What a marvelous thing To be at peace with your God And yourself.


Redemption is a process, long and drawn out and messy Not at all what you thought it would be, what you signed up for Yet it is beautiful And it happens all at once Redemption is a process, awkward and strange and worrisome Sometimes you wonder if it is even happening at all Or if you just imagined the healing, The growth The peace. And yet there comes a moment in the midst of this inexplicable and wonderful and strange process where you cannot deny the power of the living God in your life, where you not only see the contrast between What was and What is But you see the past and the present and the future and you know that, even though it is a process, it is also completed and you are free Unburdened Unbroken And your past, with all the pain and sorrow, becomes a beautiful thing as all that was bad evaporates And only the good remains Your future, bright upon the horizon, fresh and new, with all the mistakes already atoned for, already counted As your faith meets Yah

The Inexorable Pull

I sit here being me, unburdened and free I hear You calling me to become more  I feel a prompt, a tug, pulling me along Deeper into You, right where I belong So I submit to the inexorable pull Delighting in my Father, I raise my hands in joy I do not fight what Yahweh has decreed Instead, on bended knee, I choose to be more me As His Word I enjoy, in the inexorable pull From right here where I am, such joy in my own hand It's hard to think there's more And yet I know it's true, it's just You being You So I walk through the door The dimensions stretch before me, unending and great And I will walk on through them, my head erect, my heart elated As I submit to the inexorable pull Delighting in my Father, I raise my hands in joy I know that who I am is secure, it's time to step out further Time to His Word employ I choose to be more me, and help others to see The heart of my only King As I submit to the inexorable pull an

Riches of Righteousness

The riches of righteousness belong to me A gift from my Father so I can see Beyond the horizon to spiritual things And walk in the authority of His Name The riches of righteousness give me the grace To move in the Earth and changes its face To bring Yahweh's Kingdom here again To promote truth and justice, and light without end The riches of righteousness set me free From striving to do, think, say, or be Anything more than I already am, A faithful son at my Father's command. The riches of righteousness are now mine So I can participate in the dance divine So I may, with Yahweh, partner and partake Of His divine nature for His divine sake. I walk in the riches of righteousness now But I did not do it, so don't ask me how I simply trust Yahweh; My Father can't lie And so I will live, even though I must die. The riches of righteousness are totally free But they did require everything of me I gave up what was dying to obtain forever And now I fi

I Do Not Have to Do Anything

I do not have to do anything And it doesn't make any sense, can't explain How Yahweh approves, doesn't need any exploits How His love is true, an unending refrain I don't understand, then, what makes me important Why must I do anything then at all? But out of the belly flows waters that are living And mighty rivers come from sources so small Out of the being comes life everlasting Out of the life comes agreeable truths That Yahweh my God is not really asking Anything of me but to be and He'll do So if I will be, He will flow from me strongly For I am the belly, He the water of life So I need not fear doing rightly or wrongly When He's only called me to stand forth and shine And if Him I trust to be just and do rightly Then I need not fear messing up or to fail Because He is God and His light's shining brightly In me and I know that His Word will prevail.

The Strongest Faith

What if the strongest faith Is believing that He loves me, He is there for me He provides for me Even when I don't feel faith at all? What if the strongest faith Is one not based in anything perceptible? It cannot be seen, touched, Felt, It cannot be reasoned or argued It simply is, And is without measure. What if the strongest faith is based on a Word, On something unseen, unknown, Unfelt, Something undreamt except in the secret places, Those places in the heart that you hardly dare Allow to see the light of day Lest those dreams be revealed And crushed Before they're even born? What if the strongest faith is here and now, Not there and then Or someday when What if it is, even at this moment, in my heart Strength When I feel so utterly weak. Yes and amen. My faith is strong And I am free.

First Fruits

Isn't dying to live better Than just dying? These are the only options, so Choose wisely.

Activate the Covenant

Once before time 'ere the world ever began, Yahweh my God did stretch out His hand And from His mind sprung a wondrous plan This world to create at His own voice's command. He knew when He did, it would terribly fall But He would be able to redeem it all By grace through a covenant struck long ago Activated by a people who His voice know. First He spoke to His Son, the One who created The Word Himself spoken, to see what He'd say Yahshua agreed, though He knew of the pain That would come on that grandest and glorious day. Then He spoke to His people, told us what He'd thought of Saying, I will not do this without you as well. And He told us the power He'd place in us only If we agreed in His righteousness to dwell. Yahshua will die, to establish the covenant There's nothing you can do to alter it or change But it will mean nothing if you're not bound to it You must activate the covenant by faith. He promised us peace, provision, and

Mirando en Espejos

A veces yo paso tiempo pensando En lo que hay y lo que será Creo que soy demasiada pequeña Para hacer algo importante Pero cuando pienso en lo que Él hizo Cuando murió en la cruz por mi Recuerdo que soy todo lo que creyó Cuando me vio, la alegría enfrente de sí Y no quiero mirar en los espejos Y esperar, pensar en lo que soy Debo estar más allá que ello Pensando en su reino y su gloria Pero aquí estoy, mirando en espejos Pensando en lo que soy y lo que seré Si puedo, hoy, con todo lo que tengo Vencer finalmente la batalla adentro de mi Y recuerdo que soy enseñoreado Que Yahshua soberano, me lo di Ser un señor, por Él es señor de los señores Rey de reyes, sacerdote de todas personas así Y Él es mi señor, y conquistó mis enemigos Y luchó en la batalla para mi Y venció a todos que quieren dañar a yo Para que yo pudiera ser totalmente libre Así descanso, no lucho en batallas Porque Yahshua luchó una vez para siempre Y ya venció, así puedo vivir en paz Camin

How the War is One

This is how the war is one, one battle at a time, One truth, one hope, revelation Faith for grace divine. This is how the Kingdom spreads One victory, one vow Believing all that Yahweh says Receiving it in the now. Claiming Yahweh's victory He already gave to you Resting in His perfect peace, His Word that's ever true. This is how the battle ends When I surrender all Knowing Yahweh is my friend He'll never let me fall When I embrace eternal trust Believing Yahshua's Word That He proclaimed upon the cross "It is finished," vict'ry assured. For He has promised grace to us, To love us all our days Stretching His hands upon the cross By oath, confirmed His ways. And this is how the war is one: One battle fought for all When Yahweh sent His only son To undo Adam's fall. This is how the war is won, It's finished, I have peace Because I know the war is one Yahshua made it complete.

At My Fingertips

Have you ever felt that there was a revelation at the edge of your fingertips, Just out of reach, but that if you could stretch a little further, perhaps strain a little more, You'd find it? But I know that straining and striving are not the way, This is not how to obtain The revelation Yahweh gave Freely to you already by grace. So I stop reaching and I create, for all creation speaks of Yahweh's glory The heavens declare the glories of Yahweh But the act of creating itself binds irrevocably The Creator and the created For when I create, I understand The intricate nature of Yahweh's plan And marvel at His ability To make order out of mystery. And as the chaos of existence swirls around me, The emotions, the feelings, the thoughts that bring the doubts that plague my nights, Cause me to sweat, make my heart pound, steal my breath and make me wonder If I can ever really be free and complete When all along I was made to be Whole and beautiful, wise and f

Yes and Amen

To believe is to be, To have faith, to obtain life To decide, to choose, to see what nobody else can see, To ignore everything you've ever been told And all that you feel And step out there And know that what Yahweh says Is True and inalterable. To live. This pleases Yahweh, allows Him to give us that life He has been longing to give us since it was first lost to us When Adam disobeyed Which life He gave us before the foundation of the world, Reaffirmed His promise with an oath of confirmation On the cross, saying, yet again, "I love you" And asking of us only that we believe, have faith, obtain life That we decide, choose, elect to see What nobody else has seen, What nobody else can see for us What we must, ultimately see for ourselves The Word, Yahweh's Word About us Me. Who I am. What I am doing here. And what I was created to do Before the foundations of the world In the beginning When Yahweh created me and He said "Let there b

Eternal Life

That three days' worth of Eternity Could expand to cover all of time and space Being given to all who receive Him Who gave up those three days for us. HalleluYah!

Keep Believing

You speak a Word that I can't see With all these things distracting me They try to veil my eyes from He Who makes the Word full and complete So I'll just keep believing You Until I find it to be true And in your promise I will rest Until the Word does manifest You speak a Word and my heart hears It calms the restless, noisy fears And I begin to realize The Word complete before my eyes With eyes now open I can see Your Word is now upholding me And so before you I won't doubt The Word I must now walk out You speak a Word and give it life You breathe Your breath and so I find Your Word is growing, live in me And by my faith, I this Word see Though it be little, still just shoots The Word, I know, has deeper roots And soon shall grow and bear much fruit It brings me closer now to You You speak a Word and this I know Everything You say is so, So I won't give up, I'll believe Though all about tries to deceive And in Your Word, I grow and