Have we really come so far?
Are we really enlightened?
Have we truly moved beyond the days when we would go to war against those who didn’t look like us,
And burn someone at the stake for not believing as we do?
Or has it just gone underground,
Subtle systemic oppression,
Wherein we devalue and destroy those who cause discomfort or cognitive dissonance
For the people in power,
Those who easily fit into the mainstream?
Some people think the way to overcome oppression
Is to change the mainstream,
Give a voice to the voiceless and take the power from the powerful
To share with the oppressed,
But this doesn’t change anything,
Doesn’t alter the fact
That we still have one central group deciding what is and is not valuable,
Who is or is not valuable…
I think the only way to overcome oppression for good,
To actually eliminate it instead of simply
Altering its form or hiding it under the niceties of politeness and political correctness
Is to stop valuing only certain appearances,
Certain beliefs, certain expressions,
And to value each individual human for exactly who they are,
Let’s do better.


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