The Metaphysical Piano

Sometimes I play the metaphysical piano,
My cosmic fingers dancing across the strings of energy that connect the sun, the stars, and my human self,
The past, the present, and the future,
Or maybe it’s more like a metaphysical violin,
For I do not strike the strings with a hammer so much as caress them with the resonance that comes
from my own deepest desires, longings, losses, and loves
Sometimes I am a spider sitting on the web of energies that connect all of existence,
And I feel the vibrations from very far away,
I don’t know where they’re coming from or why,
But I can feel the clicking of the wheels of time turning and turning until they reach a new position
And I know everything is about to change again
As what was lined up becomes disarranged
And what will be comes into alignment,
And though I feel all of this vibrating through my own self,
I cannot tell what is going to be lost
Or what is going to become
Those who say we create our own reality are not exactly wrong,
For we add our frequencies to the metaphysical symphony of harmonic convergence
At the center of which matter is formed as energies collide,
And we can rearrange the cosmos by these frequencies we emit
By our desires, loves, losses, and choices,
Yet we are not the only ones making choices,
And we are not the only ones changing the cosmos
By the frequencies of our hearts
Sometimes I play the metaphysical piano,
A maestro deciding where the notes of harmonics and dissonance and synchronicity and silence
will come into play,
And sometimes I am but a single note in a symphony of a grander design,
A member of the orchestra wherein I can only read the sheet music my own heart has written,
But I cannot see the notes the other members have chosen to play,
Here I can only play my part,
Listen to the vibrations within my own soul,
And determine where my longings can be expressed within the symphony,
Though I cannot control the notes that other choose to play
And somehow both are true at the same time,
I am both the creator and the created,
The one who determines the order of things and the being subject to that order,
The musician and the spider,
In charge of and in thrall to
A cosmic design beyond comprehension.


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